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Would you like to find out how telemarketing can generate a significant amount of new business in Wolverhampton? Are you interested in new business opportunities but are you unsure where to start?

Let the team at Amvoc use their knowledge and expertise to design and implement a marketing campaign that will offer you the maximum benefits and return on investment. Amvoc will carry out extensive market research and analysis in order to make sure that your business achieves the desired outcome from a telemarketing campaign. Amvoc was contacted by a large UK manufacturer of control gear units and circuits. In Control Direct manufactures consumer units, circuit protection and control gear and distributes their products to a number of third-party retailers throughout the UK. In Control Direct has been established for over 20 years and already has an excellent reputation in their particular industry sector.

The Marketing Director of In Control Direct, Mitch Stanley, decided to contact Amvoc for advice about the benefits of taking a proactive approach to contacting new business prospects. Mitch was interested in contacting distributors of control gear and consumer units throughout the UK. The purpose of the campaign on behalf of In Control Direct was to generate qualified appointments for the face-to-face sales team with prospects that had a genuine requirement for their products.

Do you have specific requirements in mind in terms of the outcome of a marketing campaign in Wolverhampton? Would you like to use telemarketing firm that can fulfil your requests and much more?

Amvoc took a proactive approach to planning this particular campaign, immediately after the meeting with Mitch, by investigating their marketplace and identifying the appropriate target audience for this telemarketing project. Amvoc decided to compile a database of authorised control gear distributors that advertised the fact they stocked products from market leading manufacturers.

In Control Direct already had an existing database of clients that they did not want to contact as part of the proactively business campaign. Amvoc has a state-of-the-art customer relationship management system that prevents incidents like this occurring. Amvoc compiled the new target database for In Control Direct and entered this into our customer relationship management system before uploading their existing data. Any duplicates were identified and removed so that the new data was free from existing contacts – there was no chance of the data getting mixed up as we can have multiple sets of data in one account on our customer relationship management system that can be identified with different names.

Client Testimony:

“Using the team at Amvoc could not have worked out any better for me. I had to battle with my boss to secure the funds for a trial telemarketing campaign and I am pleased I stood my ground. My initial feelings about Amvoc were correct and we have generated thousands of pounds for the business with the leads that were generated throughout the campaign. Our name is now well known amongst the U.K.’s biggest stockists of product like ours and we are still receiving enquiries from appointments we attended during the campaign. Amvoc really did understand our target market and provide us with some high quality appointments.” Mitch Stanley, Marketing Director, In Control Direct

If you would like to discuss your ideas about a telemarketing campaign in Wolverhampton, contact the telemarketing strategy team at Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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