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Are you looking for a reputable and successful telemarketing consultancy to carry out a campaign on behalf of your business in Wiltshire? Would you like a bespoke campaign strategy to be designed on your behalf by telemarketing consultants who have years of experience in the sales field?

Tailor-made marketing strategies are essential if a telemarketing campaign is to be successful. Telemarketing is actually the most cost-effective sales strategy and is also the most measurable. A company can usually see immediate benefits within a short space of time by using experienced telemarketing experts to carry out a campaign. An effective telemarketing strategy designed by Amvoc will generate top-quality new business opportunities for your company. Amvoc has a proven method that eludes many other companies when it comes to implementing successful telemarketing campaigns.


Optica Global is a European market leading optical group that works with over 3000 associated independent opticians and represents over 450 practices in the UK. Optica Global approached Amvoc after hearing about the professional manner with which we handle every campaign. Optica Global was looking for an outsourced telemarketing firm to take on some of their busy workload. Optica Globals UK representative, Daniel Barron-Smith, was interested in using Amvoc to:

  • Generate leads and schedule appointments for their various area managers throughout the UK in order for them to meet prospective new associates.
  • Explain products and services to new and existing associated opticians.
  • Promote the latest marketing campaigns and promotions to existing associates in order to improve orders.
  • Conduct client surveys and obtain information.
  • Maintain the database.

Would you like to discuss how a successful telemarketing strategy can be implemented in order to boost your sales will generate new business opportunities for your company in Wiltshire?


Amvoc really had a large and exciting project to get stuck into with Optica Global because of the number of tasks we had to perform on their behalf. We had to come up with a time saving yet effective multi-layer strategy that would help us to fulfil Daniel’s desired outcomes.

As with every strategy we develop on behalf of a business, Amvoc will design a campaign that will offer the optimum chances of a client achieving a return on their investment. Not only will Amvoc design a bespoke and tailor-made campaign, we will continue to develop the campaign throughout its duration in order to ensure that we are driving the optimum results. Amvoc will continually analyse, on a daily basis, the results we are achieving and work in partnership with our client to improve the strategy if needs be.


Amvoc has definitely impressed Optica Global with our ability to manage such a large and prestigious account as theirs. Amvoc continues to manage the account on behalf of Optica Global and, because of or continuing success and organisation, they are now discussing outsourcing the whole telemarketing side of the business to us – an opportunity we are more than happy to be a part of.

If you would like Amvoc to design and implement a telemarketing strategy that will offer you the maximum benefits for your business in Wiltshire contact our dynamic team today on 0333 005 1403.

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