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Do you need a driven and dynamic team of telemarketing experts to take control of your new business generation in West Sussex? Are you lacking the facilities or funds to carry out a successful telemarketing campaign in-house and would you like to leave your business safe in the hands of the experienced and highly trained telemarketers at Amvoc?

By working in partnership with the hard-working and well-trained telemarketing team at Amvoc you are guaranteed to achieve the best possible outcome when we design a campaign on your behalf. By asking intelligent questions and investigating your business sector thoroughly, Amvoc will be able to develop a campaign that will produce good quality new business opportunities.


Finlands Bespoke Designs is an incredibly successful manufacturer of solid wood bespoke kitchens that had attempted to carry out a telemarketing campaign using their existing employees but they had had little success. Telemarketing successfully does require intensive training as well as a natural flair for selling. It is important that a telemarketer has the freedom to add to their personality into an account in order for them to have the best chance of making a successful sale. Amvoc will always choose an individual or team that suits the business we are promoting. Certain types of account require a certain type of person so Amvoc will always ensure that your account is matched to the perfect telemarketer.

Have you considered using telemarketing to fuel the sales growth of your business in West Sussex and would you like a tailor-made campaign to be designed on your behalf by a consultancy that has over 150 years combined experience in this field?


Amvoc had to design a strategy that was fully suited to the unique goals of our client. In order to develop a successful strategy, Amvoc has to listen to our clients so that we can provide a campaign that fully incorporates their desires. Amvoc had to examine data carefully to ensure we had selected the correct geographical area, businesses with the correct turnover and, importantly, that we were attempting to contact the correct decision maker for this particular industry. The directors at Finlands Bespoke Designs were happy to be led by the advice provided by Amvoc in terms of selecting data as they trusted us to make the best decisions for their campaign.


The campaign that we completed on behalf of Finlands Bespoke Designs was a multistage process. Initially we had to identify that the contacts from the data we selected had a genuine need for our clients products, extremely high quality and individually designed kitchen units made out of solid wood, and that there was a potential for our client to make a sale. Once Amvoc had identified that a potential customer had an interest in the products available from Finlands Bespoke Designs, a brochure was then sent out in the post and via email. Amvoc then had to chase the leads we had generated from this initial campaign in order to take bookings over the phone. Amvoc successfully generated a 547% return on investment on behalf of Finlands Bespoke Designs and we are looking forward to the next campaign we will be carrying out on their behalf.

If you would like to find out more about how a telemarketing campaign could help you to grow your business in West Sussex contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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