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Would you like a dynamic and innovative telemarketing consultancy in the West Midlands to help you fuel your sales growth and develop new business prospects?

Amvoc has experience across a wide range of industries and business sectors which has taught us that each and every one of our customers is unique. Although we have experienced working with a variety of different businesses, we still approach each and every new client as an individual company and will always start a campaign by building up a comprehensive understanding of their unique selling points.


Midlands Creameries, a family run ice cream manufacturer, was interested in expanding their client base and decided to utilise the skills of the telesales executives at Amvoc. Midlands Creameries produces a wide variety of ice cream flavours to sell in the tea rooms that they have on the farm were the produce is made. Amvoc took great delight in visiting Midlands Creameries to sample the products they made! Amvoc was incredibly impressed with the quality of the product and the setting that it was produced in – we could not wait to help this delightful business grow successfully.

Have you considered how much your business but benefit from a successful telemarketing, pain in the West Midlands?


By listening carefully and asking intelligent questions to Steve about his family-run business, Amvoc was able to develop a strategy in order to produce the best possible results. Not only do Amvoc get to know a business prior to starting a campaign on their behalf, our experienced telesales executives also carry out a great deal of research into the industry (by testing their products when available!)so we are up-to-date with any developments that have been made which gives us the opportunity to discuss this with potential clients. Knowledge is key – so is experience!

Amvoc has various methods of selecting data and we are able to choose accounts based on the criteria chosen by our client usually on our advice. Midlands Creameries wanted to start distributing their products to shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants within a 100 mile radius before expanding the target area to include a wider range of businesses.


The initial part of the campaign was aimed at generating interest amongst businesses that would, potentially, stock ice cream for retail or catering sale. Due to the fact that Amvoc knew so much about the business we were promoting and we were able to describe the unique setting in which the ice cream is produced, we achieved great success in generating a large amount of interest. The hot leads we encountered on a daily basis were immediately sent through to Midlands Creameries whereby a sample of the product was sent out. Amvoc diligently chased up these leads in order to turn the interest into a sale. Amvoc successfully completed the initial campaign within 100 mile radius and is now planning to target companies within a 100 to 150 mile radius of Midlands Creameries.

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