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Are you looking for a telemarketing consultancy in Warwickshire to deliver exceptional results on behalf of your business?

Amvoc will work in partnership with you to help you achieve your desired goals in terms of boosting your sales or generating new business prospects. Amvoc is a director owned and director managed business and every campaign is overseen by our highly experienced management team. Amvoc has taken the time to grow steadily whilst adding new members to our existing and exceptionally gifted team. You can guarantee that your account will be overseen by a dedicated manager and run by a highly trained and dynamic telesales executive.


Frogmore Accounting, a large and prestigious Warwickshire-based firm of accountants decided to approach Amvoc after hearing that telemarketing had worked for a number of other local firms. Amvoc handles accounts on behalf of a number of accounting firms in the UK from North Yorkshire to Devon and the West Midlands to Warwickshire. Thanks to the success we have had in the field of booking successful appointments and generating new business for accountants, Amvoc is approached on a weekly basis by accountancy firms looking to use our services. Each and every firm of accountants is interested in approaching different industry areas on different sized businesses so it is important to get to know the individual accountancy firm prior to selecting data and starting a campaign.

Would you like to discuss your telemarketing needs with a consultancy in Warwickshire that can provide you with a tailor-made and bespoke campaign strategy?


The sales executives at Amvoc do not work in a scripted environment and will engage in conversation that represents your business professionally – in order to do this Amvoc has to get to know your company in detail so we can work in partnership with you rather than on your behalf. Amvoc took the time to get to know Frogmore Accounting in detail so we could develop a strategy that would achieve the goals we discussed during our meetings.

Frogmore Accounting was interested in targeting a high number of small to medium-sized businesses in the Warwickshire area so Amvoc had to select data that was tailored to our client’s needs.


Amvoc was able to make 150 to 180 phone calls on a daily basis whilst working for Frogmore Accounting with a decision maker hit rate of around 40%. Out of this 40%, Amvoc was able to generate on average 10 to 15 appointments per week, 30% of which were converted by Frogmore Accounting. Amvoc continues to work closely with Frogmore accounting and we carry out a campaign on their behalf every month.

If you are ready to start a successful telemarketing campaign in Warwickshire in order to boost your sales or generate new business opportunities, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403

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