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Would you like to work in partnership with a team of exceptionally gifted telemarketing experts in order to boost your sales or generate new business prospects in the Tyne & Wear area?

Amvoc is passionate about delivering fantastic results on behalf of all of our clients and our telemarketers are trained to deliver these results by representing your business professionally at all times. Amvoc will get to know your business in depth prior to starting a campaign on your behalf so that we are able to work in partnership with you rather than for you. Your business will be treated in the same way we treat ours with the intention of helping you to grow successfully.

Choosing a team of telemarketing consultants that are correctly trained and motivated is not just important – it is essential! Amvoc is a professional business to business telemarketing organisation and is most definitely not a call centre. Amvoc uses state-of-the-art software that tracks and records each and every detail of every account, vital or not, which produces incredibly useful reports.


Golden Globe Consultants is a UK based management consultancy that specialises in using computer technology to help businesses solve complicated problems. Golden Globe Consultants’ main business area is undertaking data analysis and developing bespoke business software for modelling and analytical applications. Over recent years, Golden Globe Consultants has served a number of industries including direct marketing, financial services and health and consumer electronics but, they believe, that their techniques are applicable across a wide range of industries and wanted to expand into various different sectors. Mike Fallon, marketing director for Golden Globe Consultants, freely admitted in his initial consultation with Amvoc that he did not have sufficient experience in the field of telemarketing to train and coach a team of 10 sales personnel in-house.

Would you like to discuss your telemarketing needs with a dynamic and revolutionary consultancy that has experience in helping businesses in the Tyne & Wear area grow?


Amvoc is a progressive and forward thinking business that still maintains traditional values of integrity and hard work. Amvoc will examine the needs of our clients in great detail prior to developing a strategy in order to ensure that we have developed a campaign that will provide the best possible prospects of establishing new business prospects. Amvoc had to get to know the services provided by Golden Globe Consultants prior to developing a strategy that would offer them the maximum benefits. Golden Globe Consultants is a management consultancy rather than a software vendor which gave Amvoc the edge when approaching prospective clients.

Our clients area of business is particularly niche market as the majority of businesses similar to Golden Globe Consultants are software vendors and installers, not management consultants. Amvoc had to make sure that we selected the best possible data on behalf of Golden Globe Consultants in order to ensure we maximised the chances of this account being successful.


The outcome of this particular campaign is a full-time contract for four of our telesales executives to work on this account - Amvoc was able to impress Mike with the quality of the appointments and meetings we set on behalf of Golden Globe Consultants. Amvoc continues to have a close and ongoing relationship with Golden Globe Consultants, and we very much hope that they will continue to stay with us.

If you would like to discuss your telemarketing needs in the Tyne & Wear area with one of the highly trained team at Amvoc, contact us today on 0333 005 1403.

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