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Have you considered the benefits of using telemarketing in Swindon to expand your client base?

Rio Thames Logistics, a large Swindon based transport solution business, contacted Amvoc for assistance with developing a pipeline of qualified new business opportunities. Prior to contacting Amvoc, Rio Thames Logistics had never outsourced their prospecting before so they had a number of questions they wanted to discuss prior to Amvoc developing a campaign. Rio Thames Logistics met with Amvoc’s strategic planning team in order to talk about the benefits of using our services.

Rio Thames Logistics primarily provides transport solutions for road freight between the UK and most European countries including Russia and the CIS - they also offers warehousing and storage facilities. Rio Thames Logistics also offers sea freight transport for clients worldwide but did not have a large client base for this area of their business.

The Amvoc strategic planning team and the managing director of Rio Thames Logistics, James Longster, met to discuss his business’s needs and the ways in which Amvoc could provide a telemarketing campaign that would result in a number of successful new business opportunities.

Are you looking for a telemarketing team that will provide you with a number of ideas relating to growing your business in Swindon?


Using our expert knowledge about the transport and logistics industry sector and combining this with our use of telemarketing experience, Amvoc was able to impress James with a telemarketing strategy that was guaranteed to achieve his desired outcome.

Amvoc was able to identify the types of business that would have a genuine requirement for the services provided by Rio Thames Logistics and compiled a database relating to decision-makers within these industries. With an average call rate of 175 calls per day on behalf of Rio Thames Logistics, Amvoc was able to contact over 50 decision-makers directly on a daily basis. The process of making contact, establishing a requirement, qualifying the lead and closing was, by no means, a short-term process due to the high value of the services provided by Rio Thames Logistics. After a successful telemarketing campaign, however, carried out over six weeks, Amvoc fulfilled our clients request and passed over a high number of extremely quality leads.

Client Feedback:

“I had never before used an external telemarketing company in order to meet new business opportunities as I did not think that a business unrelated to mine would have the necessary knowledge to identify potential new clients – how wrong I was! I met with Amvoc’s planning and telemarketing solutions team and they listened very carefully to what I wanted before coming up with ideas. I was extremely impressed with the level of preparation that went into developing ideas before I gave the go-ahead for the campaign to start. The quality of the leads that were generated during the campaign was exceptional and just one of the prospects that Amvoc identified lead to a £2 million contract for Rio Thames Logistics. Suffice to say Amvoc has kept us very busy! Thank you.” James Longster, Managing Director, Rio Thames Logistics.

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