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Are you looking for a revolutionary new approach to telemarketing in Surrey?

Amvoc is a professional business to business telemarketing agency that delivers exceptional results on every account in our care. Amvoc is able to help clients achieve and exceed their sales targets by delivering a continual flow of quality and qualified sales leads all appointments. Here at Amvoc we throw away the script and develop an intelligent approach to telemarketing – we engage with your prospective clients in order to build relationships that will lead to successful sales.


Global Polymer Solutions, a large subsidiary of a multinational brand, was looking for an experienced telemarketing team to sell their products to an increasing number of existing and potential clients over the phone. Global Polymer Solutions required a telemarketer with energy, good communication skills, experience in closing sales and handling objections with a proven track record of success to source new leads and approach clients after researching potential target businesses on the Internet. Global Polymer Solutions did not have the telemarketing experience to train and develop an in-house team so decided to seek an outsource consultancy that they could trust with the responsibility of growing their international business.Global Polymer Solutions was expecting a team to be able to produce quotes, write letters, proactively look for new leads and diligently enter all information into their diary.

Would you like to discuss your telemarketing needs with a dynamic and successful consultancy that has experience in helping businesses to grow in Surrey?


Amvoc always take an objective approach to designing a successful marketing strategy and will get to know our clients and their businesses in depth prior to starting a campaign on their behalf. Amvoc understands that our clients are only interested in leads that result in sales so our expert telemarketers will only select data that is relevant to the requirements of our client.

Global Polymer Solutions was not sure what to expect as they had not ever carried out in a proactive telemarketing exercise in-house before. Amvoc was able to provide a total package which covered every expectation of Global Polymer Solutions.


After extensive research and training, the team in charge of this large and prestigious account on behalf of Global Polymer Solutions was able to provide in-depth and accurate quotes to existing and potential customers in order to generate sales and new business prospects. Amvoc has continued to learn about this account and produced exceptional results on behalf of Global Polymer Solutions. Unbeknown to us, Global Polymer Solutions had been tracking their return on investment by using our services very carefully – even we had not expected it to be that high! This is definitely one account that Amvoc is particularly proud to be a part of.

If you would like an intelligent and successful telemarketing strategy to be designed with the needs of your Surrey based business in mind, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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