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Would you like a successful telemarketing strategy to be designed on your behalf in order to optimise your chances of finding new business opportunities in Suffolk?

Amvoc will work with you and your business in order to gain an accurate understanding of your products and services so that our expert telemarketers can develop a successful script that will promote your business within your chosen business sectors. Amvoc operates with industry standard CRM software and can build a database on your behalf or utilise your existing client database. Amvoc chance a very strict policy in relation to client confidentiality and we do offer the option of TPS screening prior to contacting any potential clients.

Case study:

Drake Dyer Industries is an industrial cleaning equipment company that was looking for new sales appointments. Not only do Drake Dyer Industries manufacture and design their own cleaning equipment, they also provide a valuable service across various industries using their unique equipment. Drake Dyer Industries was already a well-established and profitable business at the time of contacting Amvoc but the marketing director, Adam Conran, decided to initiate a telemarketing campaign in order to boost sales during a difficult time financially. Amvoc discussed with Adam a potential partnership whereby our telesales executives would book and confirm face-to-face appointments for their sales directors.

Would you like to find out just how much return you could expect to see for your investment if you decide to use the telemarketing services provided by the experts at Amvoc in order to run a campaign on your behalf in Suffolk?

Proposed Strategy:

In order to provide the very best business development strategy on behalf of our clients, Amvoc will take the time to develop your campaign based on your businesses individual needs and desired outcomes.

The products, equipment and services manufactured and provided by Drake Dyer Industries are much more suited to large establishments and corporations so Amvoc decided to target businesses with a turnover of £5 million plus. The costs involved in using equipment and services provided by Drake Dyer Industries meant that calling smaller businesses would have been a futile exercise. Adam did not have a particular geographical area in mind as their sales directors are willing to travel nationwide so Amvoc had a huge choice of data to work with.


Daily feedback was provided to our client via email in the form of an easy to read report that highlighted the prospects of warm leads we had identified throughout the campaign during the day.

With an account of this nature it is important that telesales executives have the chance to build a pipeline by making contact with the relevant party and generating significant interest. It is important to identify whether or not potential clients have the need for equipment of this nature. This Project continues to be successful thanks to the amount of work that has been put in by Amvoc on analysing the data and providing feedback.

If you would like a tailor-made telemarketing proposal to be designed for the needs of your business in Suffolk contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403

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