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Is your new business struggling with new client acquisition and would you like to find out how a successfully designed and implemented telemarketing strategy in Stoke could help you to achieve your goals?

Friendly Fire is a relatively new business that has grown significantly over recent months thanks to the efforts of the telemarketing team at Amvoc. The co-owners of Friendly Fire contacted Amvoc because they were interested in using telemarketing to generate quality new business leads. Friendly Fire imports eco-fuel logs and wood pellets from Uruguay where the production cost of these products is next to nothing. Imported in large containers and stored in the UK, these eco-fuel logs and wood pellets had the potential to generate huge profits for the business. The eco-fuel logs are made out of by-products from the timber industry. Clean timber residue is dried and compacted under high pressure and heat. During the process one of the natural components of wood is produced in a liquid form and, when cooled, solidifies binding the wood together in its new shape to produce the eco-friendly logs.

The team at Amvoc was incredibly excited about this particular campaign as we had the chance to help turn a small business into a hugely profitable large company. Arranging the purchasing, transportation and storage of the eco-friendly logs does not require a vast workforce therefore the overheads at Friendly Fire are kept to a minimum. Even increasing the sales potential of this business does not vastly increase the need for a larger workforce.

Have you started a new business that would benefit from a professional telemarketing campaign in Stoke?

Telemarketing Campaign Execution and Results:

Because Friendly Fire had such a fantastic product to offer at such a competitively low price, Amvoc had to make sure that this message got through to potential clients so we had to design a telemarketing strategy that would get this information through to key decision makers in the right industries. Amvoc decided to run a test campaign targeting multi million pound large businesses and corporations that would have a genuine requirement for a product of this nature. Just one contract with a large supermarket or garden centre would significantly multiply the turnover of Friendly Fire.

With the right data relating to the correct decision makers within the target industries Amvoc was able to generate a significant amount of interest in this particular product. After extensive research into the eco-fuel logs market, Amvoc realised that no other importer or supplier could provide this product at such a low cost. Using the telemarketing skills of our executives combined with the fantastic product we were marketing, Amvoc has helped Friendly Fire to grow tenfold.

Client Testimonial:

“If I had to pick up the phone and speak to a potential client without ever having been in contact before there is absolutely no way that I would have generated the same sort of response as the team working on our behalf. Friendly Fire has gone from strength to strength and we have now had to give Amvoc full responsibility for taking our inbound orders as well. Kath, the telemarketer responsible for running our campaign, is one of the Friendly Fire telemarketing team and is brilliant at managing our inbound and outbound calls. She definitely makes our lives much easier! Without Amvoc I’m not sure Friendly Fire would have grown so well so quickly.” Co-owner of Friendly Fire.

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