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Have you thought about the return on investment your business could see by carrying out a successful telemarketing exercise in Southampton? Are you looking for new business opportunities or would you like to find out how satisfied your clients really are with the services or products you supply?

The telephone is an extremely useful business tool and, when used properly by highly trained telemarketing executives, it can be an extremely efficient method of getting through to key decision makers that have a genuine requirement for your products or services. Amvoc will only employ the most professional and skilled telemarketers that show a natural flair for telemarketing. By implementing a successful telemarketing campaign you could expect to see a return on investment in a matter of days depending on the type of campaign that is suitable for your business.

There are so many benefits to using telemarketing but the most attractive to many businesses is the financial rewards that can be seen through increased sales and lead generation. Andrew Lincoln from Business Protect knew that his business would benefit significantly from using telemarketing but did not have the time or disposable finance to set up, train and maintain an in-house telemarketing team. The business, a boutique and niche provider of cloud storage for commercial use, was in need of a professionally executed telemarketing campaign in order to generate new business opportunities.

Would you like to cut out the cost of setting up and maintaining an in-house telemarketing team by using the services of an outsource specialist in Southampton?

Project Execution and Results:

Amvoc will pay a great deal of attention to the planning of a campaign in order to maximise the return on investment. Potential companies were selected carefully within the client’s target geographical area and the data was prioritised according to proximity. Telemarketing executives were handpicked in order to deliver the campaign in a professional, efficient and effective manner.

Amvoc does have a team of highly trained and knowledgeable individuals that have a background in IT and can use this knowledge to their advantage when carrying out a telemarketing campaign. Business Protect provides a fully automated and secure online backup storage facility with the added benefits of disaster recovery that allows a business to keep using critical systems and data. Amvoc had to carefully establish which industries would benefit most from the products and services provided by Business Protect.

Client Satisfaction:

“I have absolutely no idea about telemarketing so I left the planning of the campaign safe in the hands of the team at Amvoc who already seemed to have a good understanding of cloud-based products. After hearing that the team had already worked for businesses that provided cloud-based products similar to ours, I was more than happy to leave the lead generation to them! I am glad I did – I am still following up leads now that were generated during the campaign. I would not hesitate to recommend Amvoc to any IT related business in need of an outsourced telemarketing consultancy.” Andrew Lincoln, Business Protect.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of using an outsourced telemarketing firm to manage your campaign in Southampton, contact the friendly and approachable team at Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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