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Do you need a highly effective, flexible and measurable telemarketing solution to generating new business in South Yorkshire?

There are numerous benefits to using an outsourced telemarketing consultancy to assist you with growing your business in South Yorkshire. Good quality telemarketing can be measured by the results produced during a successful campaign. Amvoc can provide you with a results driven campaign that will give you a significant return on your investment in our services. Amvoc will work hard to get to know your business and meet your objectives.

Not every business has the time and resources at their disposal to carry out regular, structured and proactive telemarketing campaigns. Not every business has the need for a full time telemarketing team in-house nor do they necessarily have the resources. If you have encountered these issues you need to speak to the experienced and dynamic team at Amvoc. Amvoc can provide you with a team of sales executives to carry out a marketing campaign on your behalf as and when you require our services. Whether you require a stronger sales pipeline or new business opportunities, Amvoc can meet your needs and much more.

Would you like to discuss a range of telemarketing solutions with the highly trained team at Amvoc to find out how we can help you grow your business in South Yorkshire?

Case Study:

VinylChem decided to approach the team at Amvoc for advice about the benefits of using an external telemarketing service to boost sales throughout England and Europe. The chemicals produced by VinylChem are found in the majority of high-performance plastics, pulp and paper production, packaging, pharmaceuticals, medical and agricultural applications and paints, acrylics and varnishes. The scope for new business opportunities with this particular account was huge given the fact that there were so many different types of business we could contact in order to generate new opportunities and behalf of VinylChem.


Initially, Amvoc decided to focus on contacting manufacturers with a turnover of £5 million plus so we had to find data that reflected this accurately. Amvoc has access to millions of records relating to every different type of industry sector and can find the right type of data, based on the information we have about your desired outcomes, which will give the best possible chance of establishing solid new business opportunities. The specialist team at Amvoc decided to sample batches of data relating to different industries that would benefit from using the products manufactured by VinylChem.

The Outcome:

Amvoc tested the campaign for two weeks to establish what kind of response we got from various different manufacturing industries. Once we had established the best types of manufacturing industries to target we finely tuned the campaign and smashed our targets on a regular basis! Amvoc was definitely able to keep the face-to-face sales representatives from VinylChem extremely busy. The team that carried out the initial campaign and behalf of VinylChem are now preparing a similar campaign on their behalf in order to help them expand further.

If you would like a tailor-made telemarketing package to be designed for the unique needs of your business in South Yorkshire contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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