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Are you finding it difficult to find experienced and target driven telemarketing employees that are right for the needs of your business in South Glamorgan?

Every telemarketing and telesales campaign has to have a strategic plan of action to follow so that a client’s desired outcome can be achieved successfully. Amvoc works closely with all of our clients to develop a strategic plan and implement an effective telemarketing campaign in order to produce the best possible results in the most cost-effective manner. Many businesses make the mistake of embarking on a telemarketing campaign without effective or structured plans in place designed by an experienced telemarketer – this means that the effort generated by the telemarketing staff is not being fully utilised and the optimum results are not being achieved.

Amvoc can successfully design and setup a telemarketing campaign and plan the exercise in fine detail in order to produce realistic targets and ensure you see a return on the investment you make in our services. Amvoc will need to spend time with you and your business in order to identify your target market within the correct industry sectors and geographical location to find the best possible way to generate new business opportunities or successful sales.

Would you like Amvoc to develop a unique and effective telemarketing campaign so that your business in South Glamorgan will see the best possible results from our efforts?

Client Needs:

Think Logic is principally a software development consultancy that specialises in custom software development and database development. Think Logic aims to deliver high quality IT solutions which can produce measurable business benefits. Think Logic can help businesses to save costs, increase revenues and improve productivity. Over the years Think Logic has built a strong reputation for providing highly functional systems to organisations operating across multiple industry sectors. Think Logic, like Amvoc, listens carefully to the needs of their clients in order to provide an innovative and effective solution. Amvoc was attracted to the enquiry made by Think Logic as a number of their work and customer care ethics were similar to our own.


Think Logic mainly wanted to target multinational and blue-chip companies as this type of client would bring them a significant return on investment by using their services. Amvoc was extremely honest with the directors at Think Logic and explained that telemarketing IT software was not a simple straightforward procedure and that developing a relationship with a potential client in this particular area of telemarketing is a long-term project. Think Logic fully understood that Amvoc’s success could not be measured overnight and left us to our own devices in terms of selecting the correct data and commencing the project.


With just one of the businesses we were able to introduce to Think Logic, they achieved their return on investment for the entire month Amvoc had worked on their behalf. Combined with the rest of the appointments that they were able to convert into successful sales, Think Logic made a significant profit thanks to the efforts of the IT sales team here at Amvoc. Amvoc and Think Logic continue to work closely together as this particular campaign has proved to be mutually beneficial.

If you need a successful and dynamic telemarketing consultancy to develop an effective strategy for your business in South Glamorgan, contact our new business team today on 0333 005 1403.

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