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Are you looking for a professional telemarketing service in Rutland that can help you to engage with decision-makers from selected industry sectors in an efficient and effective manner so that you can boost sales of your product or successfully develop new business opportunities?

From appointment setting to lead generation to direct sales over the phone, Amvoc is the U.K.’s leading telemarketing company. The services provided by Amvoc aim to help you achieve your sales target, increase the efficiency of your sales team if you have one, increase the effectiveness of your direct marketing, increase customer satisfaction or help you to gather important information about your target markets.

Do you have a sales team that needs to be kept on the road at all times but are you lacking the time to make enough quality appointments? Amvoc can guarantee that we will be able to keep your sales team busy if you use our outsourced appointment setting service. The service we provide is perfect for businesses that want to keep their sales team on the road at all times. At Amvoc we can provide you with a fully managed outsourced telemarketing service so that we can book sales appointments straight into your diaries using a number of communication methods.

Do you need a professional and experienced outsourced telemarketing consultancy in Rutland to keep your sales team busy?


Rutland Laboratories Limited manufactures and supplies prepared microbiological media products to various laboratories within a wide range of industrial sectors including:

  • Contract Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Cosmetics Companies
  • Research & Education Establishments
  • Healthcare Services
  • Hospitals/ Pharmacies
  • Food Companies
  • Water Companies

The Chief Executive Officer of Rutland Laboratories Ltd was seeking to expand their services into the European sector and decided to approach Amvoc for assistance in doing so. Amvoc employs extremely gifted and talented telemarketers, the majority of whom speak at least one foreign language. This gave us the edge over the other marketing companies that had been approached by Rutland Laboratories Limited.


Purchasing international data can be a task in itself unless you are in contact with a first-class data provider. Amvoc had to procure data relating to companies within all of the sectors detailed above from each of the EU countries. The specialist telesales team we selected for this particular project had to receive extensive training from Rutland Laboratories Ltd in order to ensure they were familiar with the manufacturing process and with the products supplied by Rutland Laboratories.


Different types of project will produce different outcomes – on some accounts we can make 300 calls per day and generate one lead which, in itself, is a return on investment for our client, other types of project may require less phone calls but will generate more leads. With this particular project Amvoc had to focus on building up relationships with new clients prior to generating meetings. Once Amvoc had made contact with a potential client and established they had a need for the products supplied by Rutland Laboratories, we then achieved great success in generating a new business opportunities for our client.

If you are looking for an outsourced telemarketing consultancy to take control of your appointment setting in Rutland, contact Amvoc as soon as possible on 0333 005 1403.

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