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Are you looking for a revolutionary telemarketing company in Powys to handle your proactive outbound calls in order to identify and secure new business sales opportunities?

Amvoc’s experienced and motivated telemarketing team can provide you with guidance about targeting the correct customers in order to help you secure new business opportunities in the UK. Amvoc will design a telemarketing strategy uniquely tailored to the needs of your business in order to find new customers on your behalf and start the communications necessary to grow your business successfully. The highly trained and dynamic telemarketing team at Amvoc is a group of extremely professional and very sociable telemarketers who possess the unique skills needed to carry out this type of exercise and achieve success.

Before starting any telemarketing campaign, Amvoc will take the time to work with you and your business in order for us to gain a good understanding of the products or services that you want to market so that we can provide you with the best possible chance of you achieving a return on your investment. Once we have identified the geographical area you want to target, the industry sectors you would like us to approach and the products you want us to market, Amvoc will then prepare the correct data and develop a pitch that will engage the right type of companies and ensure they are suitable candidates for your products or services.

Would you like Amvoc to tailor a telemarketing campaign to the unique needs of your business in Powys? Below you will find an example of just one telemarketing campaign we achieved great success with:

Customer Requirements: offers a multitude of web hosting packages that contain advanced features which can help a business succeed offers various different packages to business customers which can include all or some of the following: free domain names, multiple hosting sites, unlimited capacity and bandwidth, up to 75 apps, design of dynamic sites and full UK phone was interested in targeting small to medium businesses including sole traders and those working from home as their existing customer base consisted of this type of client.

The Strategy:

Amvoc decided to select data on behalf consisting of small to medium-sized companies with a turnover of under £1 million. The services and products offered are more suited to small businesses that do not have the capacity to design and optimise large or complex websites. Amvoc was able to identify the types of client from our database of millions of businesses in the UK that would benefit most from the website services provided

The Outcome:

Amvoc was not directly selling these packages over the phone nor were we setting appointments behalf - the purpose of this campaign was to introduce potential clients to the services that were available and encourage potential clients to participate in free online demonstration with one of the technical experts managed to convert 35% of the potential clients that were introduced by Amvoc - made a significant return on the investment by using telemarketing provided by Amvoc.

If you are ready to start a successful telemarketing campaign in Powys, contact Amvoc as soon as possible on 0333 005 1403.

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