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Have you identified the need for a telemarketing campaign in order to boost your sales in the Portsmouth area? Do you need an independent yet reliably professional telemarketing company to provide a different perspective when carrying out a customer satisfaction survey on your behalf?

Amvoc can become an integral part of your marketing department and provide you with a service that becomes a seamless extension of your business. The highly trained team at Amvoc will be able to set appointments as if we are a part of your sales team. On your behalf, Amvoc will build and develop new business relationships and will discuss the requirement for your services with decision-makers before scheduling fully qualified meetings and appointments on your behalf. Amvoc can even enter meetings into your diary using remote access or any other method that is convenient.

Client background:

Young businesses generally tend to find new client acquisition a struggle during the initial phases of building a business. A new business has to promote itself in order to generate sales and telemarketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve this.

Amvoc was contacted by a business that had very recently entered the business to business marketplace – Sales Cloud - and was looking for an innovative yet cost-effective method of generating new sales opportunities. New businesses generally tend to have a very controlled budget and outsourcing was one of the methods considered by Sales Cloud. Amvoc was asked to design and carry out a lead generation campaign within the budget proposed by Sales Cloud. Amvoc will always aim to meet a client’s objectives and adhere to the budget guidelines indicated by the client.

Would you like to use a telemarketing consultancy in Portsmouth that focuses on quality over quantity?

Over the years we have been established, Amvoc has delivered significant revenue and return on investment for our clients by generating new business opportunities.

Lead Generation Strategy:

Sales Cloud offered a platform which was a business to business directory that allowed businesses to sell products and services to other businesses nationwide using this platform. Amvoc carried out extensive research into other similar websites in order to identify the types of business that most commonly used this type of product. Once we had analysed our research, Amvoc selected data that would give our client of the best prospects of reaching new clients.

The results:

“During the first couple of weeks of the campaign I saw the potential return on investment based on the feedback I was receiving from the team responsible for my project. Once they had built up a pipeline, I definitely saw my sales increasing at an enormous rate. Amvoc certainly put a lot of energy and passion into helping my business grow successfully. I can see a full term telemarketing campaign with Amvoc being a possibility for the future especially when my budget is not so limited. Amvoc definitely fulfilled the objectives I outlined at the beginning and did so within my budget. I really cannot thank the team enough for the help and support they gave me!” Garry NcFadden, Owner of Sales Cloud.

If you would like a telemarketing approach that will become an integral part of your business in Portsmouth, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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