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Do you need to outsource your telemarketing campaign in Poole because you do not have the time or facilities to carry out a successful campaign? Have got an existing database of clients or contacts that you would like to approach via telemarketing?

Amvoc will carry out a professional telemarketing campaign on your behalf that is designed to match the needs of your business and tailored to identify the correct target market to meet your company objectives. Amvoc is extremely flexible and can adapt to an ever-changing and demanding marketplace thanks to the experience we have in the sales and telemarketing field. Our flexibility and experience gives Amvoc the ability to deliver up-to-date new business opportunities.

Client Case Study:

Amvoc was incredibly excited when we were contacted by one of the UKs leading High Street Banks with an enquiry about trailing a telemarketing campaign using the live mortgage leads they had purchased. Amvoc met with the Banks Board of Directors at their headquarters in London to discuss the implementation of their campaign. With our vast background into the financial sector and our existing knowledge in relation to mortgage lead qualification, Amvoc impressed the Board and was given the opportunity to design a telemarketing strategy that would offer the maximum benefits to the Bank. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the project we were carrying out, and the compilation of private financial information relating to the campaign, the Data Protection Clause of our contract with the Bank does not allow us to use too many details relating to the campaign.

Would you like a successful and innovative telemarketing team to become a seamless extension of your business in Poole? Would you like to have an outsource telemarketing company that will cut your overheads yet become an integral and important part of your business?

Campaign Details:

Amvoc had to listen very carefully to the information we were provided with by the Bank in order to design a campaign strategy that would provide them with leads that met their exact specifications. The Bank had an extremely strict set of criteria that a potential applicant would have to meet after being contacted by our team and we had to ensure that the screening process was carried out to perfection. The team at Amvoc discussed the project at great length prior to submitting a proposal to the Bank. Our proposal, designed by our most experienced financial telemarketing experts, was accepted by the Bank and, after a few minor adjustments, was started immediately by an extremely enthusiastic team.

Client Response:

“Amvoc had everything that we were looking for in a telemarketing firm – a highly secure customer relationship management system, a transparent system for us to monitor the progress of the campaign whilst it was live, the requisite data protection policies and a number of security procedures in place that satisfied our need for a secure method of holding our database. We could not have asked for a more professional team that paid such attention to detail. Amvoc met every objective we set out in the initial meeting and we will be using their services in the future as and when they are required.” Board Member.

If you need a telemarketing business to generate new leads or to grow your sales in Poole, contact the experienced and friendly team at Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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