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Is your business lacking the time and resources within your marketing department to plan and implement a successful telemarketing strategy in Plymouth? Would your business benefit from a telemarketing consultancy that is an external yet integral part of your company?

Telemarketing and business development go hand in hand regardless of the industry you are involved in or the industry you are targeting with a well implemented campaign. A successful telemarketing campaign is about joint and shared objective setting in terms of the way in which Amvoc becomes an integral part of your sales process. Amvoc’s primary goal for carrying out a successful telemarketing campaign is to help our clients to achieve a significant return on investment - it is our business to grow your business.

Amvoc will focus on understanding and getting to know you, as our client, and the services or products you have to offer but also, in conjunction, we will also get to understand your clients and target market so that we can develop a telemarketing strategy that provides the best chance of achieving your desired outcome.

Client History:

Amvoc was approached by Kat Marcus, Head of UK Development for Worldwide Corporate Travel Management, who was interested to find out whether or not telemarketing would help her business generate new opportunities and boost their client base. Worldwide Corporate Travel Management provides a service to companies and organisations all over the world that regularly have to travel on business. The aim of Worldwide Corporate Travel Management is to make it easy for a business to book their travel and claim expenses whilst delivering cost savings to their clients by enabling them to apply policy controls and monitor compliance.

Would you like Amvoc to take on the role as your external telemarketing consultancy so that we can feed your pipeline and help your business in Plymouth to grow successfully?


The services provided by Worldwide Corporate Travel Management are invaluable to their existing clients and are incredibly efficient and time saving. Amvoc was incredibly impressed with everything we learned about Worldwide Corporate Travel Management and could not wait to help Kat meet her desired objectives of getting new clients on board.

There were a number of elements the travel and tourism expert telemarketers from Amvoc had to consider prior to developing a campaign that would suit the requirements of Worldwide Corporate Travel Management. Amvoc had to examine their target market audience carefully in order to ensure that we selected contact information for businesses that would have a genuine requirement for a travel management service.


Amvoc definitely reached the right target audience by selecting data for international companies and organisations that had a number of global offices. Amvoc considered the data we selected and behalf of Worldwide Corporate Travel Management to be “warm” before we even called them as every company we contacted did have a genuine requirement for their services.

The results Amvoc achieved on behalf of Worldwide Corporate Travel Management were exceptional and our team was able to secure over 15 new high-value contracts and 10 standard contracts over a one-month trial period.

If you are looking for a successful telemarketing consultancy with a proven track record of success to handle your external marketing department in Plymouth, contact one of our senior team members today on 0333 005 1403.

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