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Are you looking for a telemarketing consultancy in Peterborough that can deliver results within any industry sector? Do you need a telemarketing consultancy to work closely with your business in order to improve and feed your new business acquisition?

Regardless of the size of your business, it is necessary that your external telemarketing representatives have a good understanding of your customer acquisition process, retention process and growth process in order to help you achieve long-term success with a campaign. Amvoc represents a number of businesses from various industry sectors and consistently delivers well-planned integrated marketing solutions that focus on achieving positive results.

Amvoc can provide you with a telemarketing solution no matter how complex your business environment is. Amvoc will offer you a high value and bespoke telemarketing strategy based on our knowledge and understanding of the sales and marketing process.

Client Background:

Amvoc was contacted by an automotive data supplier, The Vehicle Database, which was looking for an outsourced telemarketing firm to help them find new business opportunities in the car sales field. The Vehicle Database researches, compiles and supplies data that helps drive customers to car showrooms. The Vehicle Database gathers data relating to consumers that have shown an interest in purchasing a new vehicle, the team from The Vehicle Database then compiles this data and sells it on to car retail garages. The Vehicle Database provides mail, email and telephone marketing data lists and contacted Amvoc with a view to using an outsource telemarketing service in order to sell data lists to prospective new clients.

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The Vehicle Database is extremely flexible with the size of the order they can provide to a potential client – a small car sales showroom can select a small batch of data relating to consumers in the immediate local area if they so wish whereas a large car sales showroom can select a huge number of records within a 100 mile radius. The Vehicle Database requested that Amvoc focus on the quality and flexibility of their databases in order to successfully sell the benefits of taking this type of approach to attracting the right people to their showroom.

Amvoc selected data for use on this particular project relating to different sized showrooms throughout the UK – The Vehicle Database products can be used by businesses nationwide and the databases they hold are not specific to a certain area.


Amvoc was able to build a successful and strong sales pipeline after contacting the right decision makers from the right types of business. Once initial contact had been made with a decision maker from a car sales showroom, Amvoc was able to send over a sample of the high quality data compiled by The Vehicle Database in order to establish a genuine interest in the information. After identifying a number of hot leads, Amvoc generated sales worth thousands of pounds on behalf of our client.

Every time The Vehicle Database generates a new list of prospective car buyers, Amvoc carries out a successful campaign on their behalf. The Vehicle Database is now considered to be a long-term and very valuable client.

If you have a need for a complete telemarketing solution in order to grow your Peterborough based business successfully, contact the senior management team at Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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