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Are you looking for a dynamic and individual telemarketing consultancy to carry out a successful customer retention exercise on behalf of your business in Oxfordshire?

The highly driven and experienced telesales executives from Amvoc will be able to design and deliver a successful customer retention survey specifically tailored to the product or service you provide. Not only will Amvoc help you to identify any issues that will cause problems with retaining customers, Amvoc will also proactively look for opportunities to develop additional sales whilst carrying out the exercise.

Amvoc’s customer retention surveys will provide you with an accurate and unbiased view of your customer satisfaction levels so that you will be able to identify a dissatisfied customer before they stop using your products or services – this will increase your customer retention levels significantly.

Not only will our tailor-made customer retention surveys help you to identify dissatisfied clients and improve retention levels, our surveys will also incorporate information about any new products or services that you have which they may not already be using. Amvoc will be able to identify new sales opportunities by carrying out customer retention surveys from your existing database. The aim of this exercise is to increase your sales pipeline and revenue base.

Would you like Amvoc to carry out an affordable telemarketing exercise in order to identify your customer satisfaction levels in Oxfordshire?


Arragon Ink, a supplier of printing supplies and consumables, had noticed a significant decrease in sales prior to contacting Amvoc and was interested in finding out the cause of their noticeable client loss. Arragon Ink does not have the in-house facilities to carry out successful and effective client retention surveys so decided to seek the services of a large and reputable outsource telemarketing consultancy in order to achieve the maximum results in the shortest space of time. Amvoc telesales executives can make between 150 to 300 calls per day depending on the type of project they are undertaking. Arragon Ink has a database of over 10,000 clients and wanted Amvoc to exhaust the data and find out why they were losing value to customers.


Amvoc has carried out thousands of customer retention surveys successfully and have delivered fantastic results to our clients. Not only does Amvoc carry out the full customer retention survey campaign, we are then on hand to offer advice and suggestions in relation to ways that our client can increase their client base. Amvoc designed and implemented a customer retention survey that would provide Arragon Ink with an extremely accurate insight into the thoughts and feelings of their customers past and present.


After thoroughly cleansing the database and behalf of Arragon Ink, and receiving feedback from thousands of their clients, Amvoc was able to produce an accurate report into the reasons that clients were leaving Arragon Ink. We encountered a number of comments from their clients in relation to the reasons for not using their services any longer from the website being too complicated and difficult to navigate to mistakes made with orders or deliveries. All of these errors are ones that can be rectified by Arragon Ink and Amvoc are currently helping them to increase their client base by contacting new businesses and assessing their need for the services and products supplied by Arragon Ink.

If you would like more information about the success rate of telemarketing exercises in Oxfordshire, contact Amvoc as soon as possible on 0333 005 1403.

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