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Have you considered using telemarketing in Oxford to acquire, retain or expand your client base?

Amvoc can help you achieve your desired outcome by implementing a measurable and effective telemarketing campaign on behalf of your business. Amvoc will work with your business in partnership to design and deliver a successful telemarketing strategy that will produce a short, medium and long-term return on investment. Amvoc has worked with clients from a variety of industry sectors helping them to turn telemarketing into an effective and measurable marketing and development programme.

The team at Amvoc will use their creativity, experience and desire to succeed in order to design a strategy that will best suit the needs of your business.

Client Background:

Arnold Fox-Smithe Law Cost Drafting provides prestigious and comprehensive law cost drafting, assessment support, consultancy and legal costs management service to solicitors in Oxford and the surrounding area. MalcomJefferey, one of the senior directors at Arnold Fox-Smithe Law Cost Drafting, wanted to take a proactive approach to generating new business opportunities in the Oxford area and decided to seek assistance from the highly trained and experienced financial telemarketers at Amvoc. Arnold Fox-Smithe Law Cost Drafting provides an accurate, concise and professional approach to all aspects of legal Finance.

Do you need a team of driven and dynamic telemarketing experts to fuel your campaign in Oxford?


The target market audience Amvoc had to select data for related to the legal sector so we had to use our knowledge and experience to ensure that we provided Arnold Fox-Smithe Law Cost Drafting with high quality and reliable data for use during their campaign.

The financial telemarketing team at Amvoc had to plan a strategy that would guarantee that our client’s objectives were met successfully and with the maximum efficiency. The team at Amvoc became a familiar with the services provided byArnold Fox-Smithe Law Cost Drafting by spending time in their offices in Oxford. Once the team working on behalf ofArnold Fox-Smithe Law Cost Drafting was fully familiar with the services on offer and the ethos of the company, they were then able to develop a strategy that would produce the best results.

Client Satisfaction:

“I have always hated the thought of cold calling but when Amvoc explained the way in which they would carry out a telemarketing campaign I was interested to see if it would really work. When the team started the telemarketing campaign, and I listened to some of the calls, it sounded like one of our Law Cost Drafters was making a phone call directly from our business. The knowledge and professionalism displayed by the team at Amvoc when carrying out the campaign on behalf ofArnold Fox-Smithe Law Cost Drafting was unbelievably impressive and I will definitely be returning to use their services again.” – MalcomJefferey, Arnold Fox-Smithe Law Cost Drafting.

If you would like to discuss the implementation of a successful telemarketing campaign for your business in Oxford, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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