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Are you looking for a professional and efficient telemarketing consultancy to choreograph your new business marketing in Nottingham?

The pressure for a business to succeed in the current economic climate is more diverse than ever before which leads to a number of complex problems. Amvoc can assist you with marketing your business in the most effective yet cost efficient manner by implementing a telemarketing strategy that is guaranteed to reach your desired target audience. Telemarketing will deliver customer satisfaction and return on investment in the short, medium and long term. Amvoc can provide you with a clear insight into effective implementation of a telemarketing campaign and can offer you the best solution to your business’s needs.

Case Study:

Plumbing Guilds is a relatively modern purpose-built training facility in Nottingham that provides approved plumbing training courses to apprentices throughout the UK. Upon contacting Amvoc, Plumbing Guilds had a growing network of graduate plumbers who were looking for work with existing plumbing and heating businesses. Plumbing Guilds also caters for unqualified plumbers and apprentice plumbers and was looking to expand this area of the business.

Would you like to discuss how telemarketing your business in Nottingham can help you reach your target audience directly and provide you with a simple solution to generating new business opportunities?


Plumbing Guilds had very specific desired outcomes from this telemarketing campaign and Amvoc had to be sure that the strategy we designed and implemented would provide our clients with the best possible outcome. Amvoc was responsible for placing graduates plumbers within an existing business and was also required to identify plumbing and heating businesses that had a requirement for training their apprentices to become fully qualified and accredited. Plumbing Guilds did not have a specific requirement for the size of business they wanted Amvoc to approach but they were only interested in targeting plumbing businesses in and around the Nottingham area. Amvoc had to select data relating to plumbing and heating companies in the Nottingham area – Amvoc has an excellent source of reliable data so was able to download thousands of relevant records for use during the campaign.


After carrying out a campaign trial for two weeks, Amvoc generated a significant positive response from a number of plumbing and heating companies that were not aware of the services available from Plumbing Guilds in Nottingham. The responses we received during the initial two-week campaign helped us to build a strong pipeline and generate a high volume of successful placements. Amvoc continually carries out campaigns and behalf of Plumbing Guilds as and when they require our services as we aim to provide a flexible approach for our clients. If you would like a free appointment with a telemarketing expert from Amvoc who will be able to offer you advice about implementing a strategy in order to grow your business in Nottingham, contact our friendly team today on 0333 005 1403.

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