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Are you unsure about how to implement a telemarketing strategy in Norwich that will produce the best results and fulfil your objectives?

If you need assistance with acquiring, retaining or growing your client base, Amvoc can help you by providing you with an end to end service. Amvoc will be with you and will work on behalf of your business from the initial strategic planning stage through to operational delivery via a well-planned telemarketing campaign.

Amvoc has experience in a wide range of industry sectors and will be able to help you implement a telemarketing strategy that will achieve maximum effectiveness and return on investment.

Client Case Study:

Fission Media Monitoring is a niche market client of Amvoc that regularly uses our lead generation services. Fission Media Monitoring offers a flexible, responsive and measurable service in order to provide a business with valuable information about their company, products, competitors and industry in relation to media materials. Fission Media Monitoring offers a service whereby a business can track and gather information relating to social media, online media, print monitoring, broadcast monitoring and exclusive news briefings. Amy Jackson, from Fission Media Monitoring, contacted Amvoc because the business had decided they needed to take an innovative approach to personally contacting potential clients. A lack of in-house facilities and a small marketing budget meant that using an outsourced telemarketing service was the perfect solution for Fission Media Monitoring.

Would you like to discuss your telemarketing options with a consultancy that can deliver the best possible results when running a campaign on your behalf in Norwich?


Fission Media Monitoring was interested in new client acquisition across various industry sectors but was only interested in contacting businesses with a turnover of £10 million plus. Fission Media Monitoring offers a prestigious service and prides themselves on their existing client base which contains a number of well-known household names. Rather than download data from one of our reliable sources, Amvoc decided to research Fission Media Monitoring’s target market and make direct contact with businesses that would have a requirement for such a service. Fission Media Monitoring does provide a valuable insight into a business’s coverage by the media - Amvoc needed to ensure that we promoted this on every phone call in order to generate a successful pipeline.

Client Testimonial:

“Amvoc carried out a telemarketing campaign for us that was extended beyond the original timeframe because of the strong pipeline that the team managed to build up over the original campaign. Amvoc provided our company with a first-class service during the campaign and we will be using the services again for future telemarketing projects. The team was efficient, proactive and extremely successful in boosting our marketing efforts because they spent so much time getting to know our business incredibly well. We see Amvoc as an extension of our marketing division and are happy to pass all telemarketing projects their way.” – Amy Jackson, Fission Media Monitoring.

If you would like Amvoc to help you turn your telemarketing campaign into an effective and measuring marketing business and development plan in Norwich, contact our dynamic and experienced team today on 0333 005 1403.

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