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Do you need a successful business to business telemarketing consultancy in Northumberland to provide you with a high-quality appointment setting service that will provide you with top-quality meetings and appointments with companies and organisations relevant to your business?

Amvoc will always make sure that the meetings we set up for you are meaningful and that you are attending a meeting with someone who is genuinely interested in your products or services. All of the appointments made by the highly trained personnel at Amvoc will be fully qualified prior to you attending the meeting.

When cold calling and setting up appointments, certain skills are required by the telemarketers charged with this task. Not only does Amvoc make sure that you are meeting with the right person from the right business, Amvoc will also ensure that the potential client you are meeting has a requirement for your products or services and also the budget to buy them. Amvoc will make sure that your chances of selling are as high as possible when you attend any appointments set by one of our experienced telesales executives.

Would you like Amvoc to carry out a successful telemarketing exercise on your behalf in order to provide you with quality new business opportunities in Northumberland?

Just one of the case studies we have had great success with, following an appointment setting telemarketing exercise, is detailed below:

Client Needs:

IFMS – Integrated Facilities Management Services – approached Amvoc for help with generating new leads for their business and for assistance with setting a number of quality meetings and appointments within their selected industry sectors. This was, by no means, a simple and straightforward project but was, nonetheless, an exciting campaign for the experienced and confident telemarketers at Amvoc. Integrated Facilities Management Services offer such a wide variety of services to businesses throughout the UK that a number of strategies had to be implemented prior to starting this project.

Our Strategy:

The first part of the project on behalf of Integrated Facilities Management Services was, in essence, a fact-finding mission to find out what type of services their desired target market audience were in need of in order to pitch the correct type of package and service. Undertaking the project successfully on behalf of Integrated Facilities Management Services involved extensive training and spending a great deal of time with our client in order to fully understand the complexities of their business. Integrated Facilities Management Services wanted to target large companies and corporations with a turnover in excess of £5 million per annum – Amvoc was responsible for selecting and purchasing the data on behalf of our client.

The Outcome:

This was a long-term project and was by no means instantly successful. Right from the outset, Amvoc made it very clear to Integrated Facilities Management Services that it would take time to build a pipeline especially when quoting for such complicated and complex packages. Generally, Amvoc will offer a two-week trial to new businesses but, with this particular account, we suggested a minimum of six weeks. Our expertise paid off and we now have a trusting and long-lasting relationship with Integrated Facilities Management Services and we have achieved great success on their behalf.

If you would like to start a successful telemarketing exercise in Northumberland in order to generate new business opportunities suited to your products or services, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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