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Are you lacking the in-house facilities to carry out a successful telemarketing campaign in Northamptonshire and would you like to use an outsource team to carry out a telesales exercise on your behalf?

Amvoc can provide you with access to a professional telemarketing team that has the required skills to successfully identify and generate new business opportunities for your company. Find below a case study relating to the telemarketing exercise that was carried out for a large business in Northamptonshire:

Company Background:

The One Stop Office Shop supplies office stationery, computer, paper, facilities management equipment, furniture and office accessories to businesses throughout the UK. The One Stop Office Shop was interested in expanding their existing client base but did not have the manpower to do this in-house so decided to contact Amvoc to find out whether we were able to offer them a cost effective outsource option. Following a meeting with the directors ofThe One Stop Office Shop, Amvoc developed a strategy that we thought would be the best method of meeting the needs of this potential client. After a number of discussions with the directors of The One Stop Office Shop, Amvoc was chosen as their outsource telemarketing consultancy.

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The Strategy:

Amvoc will always develop a telemarketing strategy that is designed for the unique needs of each individual client in order to ensure that their sales pipeline is constantly being filled. No matter what type of telemarketing project is best suited to your business, Amvoc can produce the best possible results to make sure that you receive a return on your investment.

The One Stop Office Shop supplies businesses across every industry throughout the UK with office stationery and furniture so did not have a specific geographical location in mind when initiating their first campaign with Amvoc. Amvoc decided to select data from various different geographical locations throughout the UK so that we could accurately assess which areas we would be most successful in. Amvoc decided to target large companies from each city in the UK during the test campaign on behalf of The One Stop Office Shop.

The Results:

Amvoc had selected the data are very carefully in order to ensure that we had the correct contact information for the person within the company responsible for facilities management or purchase ordering. The telemarketers responsible for the day-to-day management of this particular project had great success with this account as we were getting through to the correct decision makers within target businesses. The initial object of the exercise was to extract information from a call recipient in order to find out whether or not they would benefit from the services provided by The One Stop Office Shop. Once we had identified that there was potential requirement for our clients services, Amvoc sent the information via email and followed up with another telephone call – from there Amvoc was able to generate a high number of solid leads forThe One Stop Office Shop which resulted in a significant return on their investment in our services.

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