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Do you need a professional outbound telemarketing consultancy in Norfolk to help you identify new business opportunities enabling you to grow your sales pipeline?

The highly experienced and motivated telemarketing team at Amvoc will work closely with you to generate new leads and new business opportunities should this be a suitable strategy for your business. Whether you are looking for new business opportunities, a cleansed database or direct sales over the phone on behalf of your business, Amvoc is the U.K.’s leading business to business telemarketing consultancy and can guarantee you will see a return on the investment you make in our services.

Case Study:

Bulk Mail Management (BMM) is a large Norfolk-based leaflet and brochure design, manufacture and distribution business with a large existing client base. Bulk Mail Management (BMM) decided to contact Amvoc for assistance with a telemarketing campaign as they did not have the in-house facilities to carry out such an exercise successfully. Bulk Mail Management (BMM) had tried an in-house telesales campaign but had had little in the way of success as they were not using trained sales executives nor were they able to produce a high volume of quality calls.

Would you like a highly motivated team of telesales experts to carry out a telemarketing exercise on your behalf in order to boost your sales or increase your business opportunities in Norfolk?


Amvoc has so much experience in the field of business to business telemarketing projects that our new business team was able to design and implement a strategy that we believed was appropriate and suitable for the needs of Bulk Mail Management (BMM). Targeting the right type of business for a campaign of this nature is key to a successful telemarketing project. Bulk Mail Management (BMM) wanted to promote the services they had to offer in relation to designing, producing and distributing brochures and behalf of businesses therefore we had to choose industries that had a specific need for a service of this nature. Once the data had been selected in the areas to target, mainly highly populated major cities in the UK, Amvoc designed a script that would offer optimum results during a conversation.


During this project Amvoc was not actively selling the product and taking the payment over the phone, the purpose of this campaign was to generate appointments for the sales directors at Bulk Mail Management (BMM) to visit a potential client to provide them with a quote for designing, producing and distributing brochures on their behalf. Thanks to the exceptional sales techniques possessed by the telemarketing executives at Amvoc, we achieved great success on this account and continue to run quarterly campaigns on their behalf.

If you would like a high quality and flexible telemarketing service in Norfolk, contact Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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