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Have you considered using a revolutionary and dynamic telemarketing consultancy in Middlesbrough to generate new opportunities for your business? Would you like to find out how Amvoc can help you to design and implement a successful telemarketing strategy in order to grow your business?

You are more than welcome to discuss your telemarketing needs with the highly experienced and extremely personable experts from Amvoc if you would like to find out how we, as a team, can help you grow your business successfully. Amvoc can provide you with the resources you need if you do not have the time to develop a telemarketing team of your own in-house. Using an outsourced telemarketing firm is, effectively, a risk-free way of boosting the growth of your business.

Case Study:

Ronson Associates is a European provider of motivational speakers that provide valuable motivational presentations and services across every industry sector. This market leading and incredibly niche business was in need of an external telemarketing department that fully understood their ethos and values.

Will you be surprised to find out how cost-effective a telemarketing campaign in Middlesbrough will be? Telemarketing is the most cost-effective yet successful method of generating new business opportunities - would you like Amvoc to prove this by designing a trial campaign unique for the needs of your company?


At Amvoc our customers are our most valuable assets so the way we design and manage a campaign has to ensure that our clients benefit significantly from our efforts. The team at Amvoc would rather have a low number of long-term happy and satisfied clients than a high number of short-term yet dissatisfied clients. In order to ensure client satisfaction, Amvoc will get to know the business we are working with in great depth prior to developing a strategy.

This particular telemarketing campaign was a very exciting challenge for Amvoc as it allowed our team to develop a whole new set of skills and experience – we even learnt a lot about the benefits of motivational speaking whilst working closely with Ronson Associates.

Client Response:

“I am extremely pleased to have finally met a telemarketing team that showed great interest in learning about our industry. Kath and the team fully understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and the attention to detail was spot-on. The results came back quicker than I expected and the service I received was definitely value for money. The team were always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I was getting the best service for my money. I would not hesitate to use Amvoc for any number of long-term telemarketing projects again.” Elizabeth Ronson, CEO, Ronson Associates.

If you would like Amvoc to generate similar results by carrying out a telemarketing campaign for your business in Middlesbrough, contact us today on 0333 005 1403.

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