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Have you considered implementing a successful telemarketing campaign within your business in Liverpool? Are you aware of just how effective a direct telemarketing campaign can be?

Will an advert in your local newspaper speak directly to a prospective client and make personal contact with them in order to discuss whether or not they have a requirement for your services or products? In simple terms – no! The highly trained team at Amvoc can make direct contact with up to 50 decision-makers a day in your target industry sectors in order to find out if they have a requirement for the service or product provided by your business. Once Amvoc has established whether or not a prospective client does have a genuine requirement, the highly trained team will be able to convert this into a lead or sale on your behalf.

Case Study Details:

Omega Financial Associates was considering a number of marketing and advertising options and was slightly dubious about using telemarketing after a previous poor experience with “cold calling”. Amvoc does provide a range of marketing solutions for various industry sectors throughout the UK including telemarketing – after an in-depth discussion with the managing director and marketing director from Omega Financial Associates, Amvoc was able to promote the benefits of using a direct telemarketing campaign in order to identify and secure new business opportunities.

Would you like to discuss the benefits of using telemarketing in Liverpool with a consultancy that has a combined experience in this industry of over 125 years?


Omega Financial Associates already had a strong client base in the personal financial sector but wanted to expand into the corporate and commercial financial planning arena. Omega Financial Associates use innovative and structured techniques in order to give clients a full insight into their corporate affairs. Selection of data is a crucial part of the success of any telemarketing campaign so Amvoc spent time researching the industry sectors that would most likely have a requirement for the financial planning services provided by Omega Financial Associates.


“The appointment of Amvoc as an outbound appointment lead generation source significantly contributed to the volume and quality of leads that our field sales representatives were able to convert into new business. Amvoc took the time to fully understand our business and became an integral part of our marketing arm.

I would strongly recommend using the efficient and fully committed team at Amvoc if you are looking for an outsourced telemarketing firm that will deliver results. The team stopped at nothing to ensure that my campaign ran like clockwork and did so in a professional manner. Although Amvoc was providing me with a business to business service, I found the team very easy to deal with and fun to work with.” Managing Director, Omega Financial Associates.

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