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Amvoc has the best people in the field of business to business telemarketing on our team – all of the experienced telesales executives at Amvoc are trained to tune in to the responses we receive on a phone call in order to produce the best possible results on behalf of our clients.


The experienced sales team at Amvoc was approached by Daily Disposables with a large and interesting project for our telesales executives to get their teeth into. Following a number of in-depth discussions with Daily Disposables, Amvoc was able to gain enough knowledge about their industry and enough information about their desired outcome to produce a successful sales and marketing strategy to implement on their behalf. Daily Disposables manufacture and distribute disposable catering products, janitorial and hygiene products, paper and plastic packaging, catering disposables and catering packaging.

Daily Disposables manufacture their products outside of the UK and can keep down the cost of making disposable catering and hygiene products therefore their prices are extremely competitive and attractive to consumers in the UK. Daily Disposables presented Amvoc with a huge project whereby they wanted to target thousands of businesses throughout the UK in order to grow their customer base and boost their sales.

Would you like to find out how telemarketing your products or services would significantly benefit your business in Lincolnshire?

Below you will find details of the strategy we put in place in order to help Daily Disposables grow their business significantly and the results Amvoc was able to achieve on behalf of our valued client.


Amvoc has access to reliable contact information for millions of companies in the UK and we are able to select certain industry sectors from this database depending on the needs and desires of our client. Daily Disposables was interested in targeting every type of catering company, initially, in order to boost the sales of their catering disposables and packaging. Amvoc was able to select data for businesses in the desired industries such as takeaways, restaurants, mobile caterers and cafes. Once the data had been selected and uploaded into our state-of-the-art customer relationship management system, the team at Amvoc systematically started to implement a six-week sales pipeline.


Amvoc initially called a potential client on behalf of Daily Disposables to find out if they used disposable products and where they purchased their products. Following this, Amvoc introduced the potential client to Daily Disposables and caught their attention with the attractive prices and the quality of the products on offer. Once we had established that there was interest, Amvoc sent a brochure to the client on behalf of Daily Disposables and followed up the lead regularly until an order had been placed.

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