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Are you looking for a telemarketing company that has pioneered an intelligent approach to promoting new business, generating leads and proactively selling over the telephone in Leicestershire?

Amvoc is the leading business to business telemarketing consultancy in the UK and internationally. Our approach to outbound telemarketing, appointment setting, market research, data cleansing and business to business lead generation is guaranteed to produce results for your business.


Smart Heat is a UK wide provider of intelligent heating solutions for businesses. Businesses do not think twice about using the latest communications and computing technology so Smart Heat wanted to implement this logic when promoting their heating solutions. Smart Heat was looking for an outsourced telemarketing company to contact businesses nationwide in order to make appointments for their sales representatives to attend a meeting and assess the heating needs of the business. Smart Heat offers a tangible way for business owners to control the heating in their premises whilst, at the same time, reducing their bills in the long term. Amvoc was able to develop and implement a successful and effective telemarketing solution for Smart Heat in order to maximise their investment in our services.

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Amvoc was able to identify a number of significant benefits to using the products and services provided by Smart Heat so this gave us the tools we needed to produce a script that would allow us to get the best possible response from potential clients at the other end of the phone. Smart Heat had very specific requirements in terms of the size of the company they wished to target so Amvoc selected data relating to companies with a turnover of £2 million plus or a minimum of 50 employees. Smart Heat did not have specific requirements in terms of geographical location of the businesses they were interested in targeting so Amvoc chose sample data from various cities throughout the UK.


The experienced energy and lighting experts from Amvoc took the time to get to know the products and services offered by Smart Heat so that we could project the best possible image of the company to potential clients whilst engaging them in conversation. In order for Smart Heat to see a return for the services provided by Amvoc, the team had to set a minimum of two appointments per day with businesses that met the criteria set by our client. During our two week trial, and thanks to the experience and sales techniques and of the team at Amvoc and the quality of the product we were promoting, we exceeded our targets and set 12 extra appointments in addition to the ones we had promised to deliver.

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