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Would you like to hear about the success Amvoc has achieved using our telemarketing skills to help in Kent? Do you have a similar wholesale company that could really benefit from a boost in the current economy? Read further to find out how Amvoc was able to boost the sales and profits of Salon Express in Kent.


Salon Express in Kent is a UK importer of disposable products used by professional hairdressing salons. Salon Express provides everything from foils, brushes, combs, scissors and towels to rollers, hair nets, water spray containers, clips and pins. When Amvoc initially met the decision maker for Salon Express, we were surprised to find that they were struggling with new business acquisition. Salon Express was interested in using a telesales campaign to gain new clients which would lead to new orders and, in turn, increase the turnover of the business.

Initially, Salon Express wanted to carry out a week’s trial but our new business director explained to the managing director, Susan Hardy, that it was important to trial a new project for at least two weeks in order to realise its full potential.

Have you got similar needs and would you like Amvoc to implement a telemarketing project in order to assist your company in Kent?


The highly trained and knowledgeable telemarketing experts from Amvoc decided to select sample data of 1000 high street hairdressing salons in the UK in order to test the potential benefits of Salon Express using telemarketing to boost their sales and revenue.

Amvoc will tailor a project exclusively to the needs of the client and, because every single telemarketing exercise is different, the number of calls and the decision maker hit rate our executives are targeted with on a daily basis will differ depending entirely on the type of project we are carrying out. Thanks to the expertise we have in the field of wholesale telemarketing, we were able to make 150 calls per day on behalf of Salon Express with a decision maker hit rate target of 50 per day (33%). Over the trial period, our aim was to make contact with 500 decision-makers – in this particular project the decision maker was generally the salon owner or salon manager – and convert at least 10% of these into new clients for Salon Express.


Amvoc was able to identify a high number of unique selling points that we were able to use to our advantage in order to generate a number of new clients on behalf of Salon Express. All of our telesales executives are trained to carry out detailed research and investigation prior to embarking upon a new telemarketing project which means that we are able to use our knowledge to achieve the best outcome on behalf of our clients. Amvoc still continues to work on behalf of Salon Express and we are responsible for continuously carrying out a customer service role that involves contacting existing clients and using our skills to encourage them to replace repeat orders. Amvoc also continues to contact hairdressing salons in the database that are not currently using the products supplied by Salon Express but we do keep in touch with them anyway just to check whether or not they need supplies and would like to place a sample order.

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