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Would you like Amvoc to produce a telemarketing proposal in order for you to see just how much your business in the Isle of Wight could benefit from using such a tool?

Amvoc used our telemarketing knowledge and expertise to impress Snak in a Box – a vending business in the Isle of Wight – with our proposal. Snak in a Box was looking to increase their client base and boost sales amongst their existing clientele.


Snak in a Box approached Amvoc slightly sceptically about using a telemarketing to generate new business in the Isle of Wight and mainland UK. After a lengthy discussion with James Marsden, managing director of Snak in a Box, he was so impressed with our proposal he wanted to start a trial immediately. Although Amvoc does like to get projects underway quickly, we also like to spend time getting to know our client, their products and services in order to fully grasp the unique and important factors relating to their business prior to carrying out a campaign. Amvoc does believe it is vitally important to become an extension of the business we are working on behalf of rather than act as a separate entity – if we have in-depth knowledge relating to the business we are working for, we project a much more professional and experienced image to potential clients which gives us the tools we need to make successful sales and gain new clients. Snak in a Box was interested in approaching new businesses with a view to supplying vending machines and the confectionery to fill them.

Would you be interested in using a similar telemarketing campaign for your business in the Isle of Wight? Do you need Amvoc to produce a telemarketing campaign that is designed exclusively for your business?


Amvoc suggested to James that he should initially focus on contacting companies with 50 or more employees as there was a much greater chance that the business would consider fitting a vending machine for use by their workers. Amvoc was able to download suitable data which fulfilled the criteria determined by Snak in a Box. In order for Snak in a Box to benefit from using the telemarketing services provided by Amvoc we were targeted with arranging three meetings per day for James to attend in order to sell his services.


Due to the fact that Snak in a Box has a number of unique selling points that we were able to use to our advantage, Amvoc was able to impress James with our skills and abilities in this particular field. Amvoc exceeded the target we initially agreed in terms of new client acquisition and behalf of Snak in a Box and we now have a long-term contract for contacting existing clients in order to take new orders.

If your business would benefit from the telemarketing expertise of the highly trained sales executives at Amvoc, contact our team today to find out how we can help you implement a successful campaign in the Isle of Wight, call 0333 005 1403.

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