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Have you examined the considerable benefits that can be bought to your business by using an effective telemarketing campaign in Ipswich? Are you looking for a telemarketing consultancy that can provide you with the highest quality service at an unbeatable price?

A successful telemarketing campaign is by far the best channel for producing a high number of quality business to business sales leads. Telemarketing is a relatively inexpensive method of generating new business but is also the most cost effective. Telemarketing in comparison to, for example, newspaper or radio advertising is a much cheaper yet more effective alternatives. With a successful telemarketing campaign, Amvoc will be able to speak directly to decision-makers that have been specifically targeted because they potentially have a requirement for your product or services.


Lab Tech International is a UK based supplier of laboratory equipment to a variety of industry sectors from hospitals to schools to medical testing facilities. Amvoc has already worked closely with a number of clients in this particular industry and is currently working on behalf of a laboratory supplier that manufactures chemicals for use in laboratories. The team at Amvoc was able to impress the European sales director for Lab Tech International, Emmerich Bachmeier, with the vast knowledge we already held in relation to this industry. There was no conflict of interest, however, between our clients because Lab Tech International is a supplier of equipment rather than chemicals. Having already experienced direct telemarketing to laboratories throughout Europe with an existing campaign, Amvoc was best placed to develop an effective strategy that would pose significant benefits to Lab Tech International.

Would you like Amvoc to carry out a trial telemarketing campaign on behalf of your business in Ipswich so you can measure the benefits of the service we can provide?


The aim of the campaign was to generate hot leads and make appointments for the European sales representatives to attend and convert. Amvoc initially agreed with Lab Tech International that we would make 150 business to business telemarketing calls on their behalf with the aim of talking to a minimum of 50 decision-makers per day – 33.3% of calls would result in a conversation with the right person. Amvoc already had a reliable supplier of international data relating to this particular industry so we arranged for sample data to be collated for the trial.


From Proline Single Chanel Pipettes to Micro Centrifuges costing thousands of pounds there is nothing that Amvoc cannot tell you about laboratory products! Amvoc has become an integral part of the lead generation and sales team at Lab Tech International thanks to the professional efforts of our highly educated and intelligent proactive telemarketing team.

Amvoc will always select data that include the contact details of the right key decision-makers in the most appropriate target industries. By narrowing down the data to include businesses of the right size, the right turnover and the best geographical location, Amvoc will provide you with the opportunity to convert our leads successfully.

If you would like to take part in a telemarketing trial in Ipswich, contact Amvoc today for further details on 0333 005 1403.

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