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GMTC – a well-established grounds maintenance business in Humberside - contacted Amvoc for assistance in growing their business after hearing about us from one of our existing satisfied clients.


GMTC had recently rebranded the business but was struggling to find effective marketing solutions so Michael Hitch and Gordon Bennett, partners from this large and reputable company, decided to contact Amvoc to see if we could put forward a reasonable proposal for growing their business. GMTC was looking for a significant return on investment by using the services provided by Amvoc so we had to produce a realistic proposal in terms of targets and success.

GMTC was mainly interested in approaching large companies and organizations in need of a regular grounds maintenance service. Michael and Gordon were initially interested in focusing on successfully securing new contracts for the local authority and within the public sector. Amvoc was able to put together an impressive proposal and provide GMTC with an extremely cost-effective yet efficient telemarketing service.

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During the two-week trial we carried out for GMTC, Amvoc contacted local authorities, organisations within the public sector and a hand selected sample of data from large businesses in the desired geographical location, Humberside, in order to test our abilities with this campaign. On the first day of the trial period, the highly trained and skilled telesales advisers working on this project passed through two exceptionally high quality appointments for Michael and Gordon to attend with a local housing authority and local school. Amvoc did not just concentrate on promoting the benefits of using a reputable and trustworthy grounds maintenance company in order to upkeep lawns and grounds for the summer months of the year – GMTC also covers winter gritting and snow removal which is a necessity when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Amvoc was able to present potential clients with a complete service all year round which was an attractive proposition for a number of the companies and organisations we approached.


Thanks to the excellent success we had throughout the trial period, and our high decision maker hit rate, GMTC has now become an extremely valued Amvoc client. Amvoc will always welcome long-term propositions from businesses no matter where about in the UK they are located and our services are flexible and tailored to your needs. Whether you need one day a week or four people full-time every day of the year, Amvoc can accommodate your needs and provide the best possible telemarketing solution for your business.

If you would like Amvoc to design a telemarketing project that will give your business in Humberside that maximum benefits contact our director of new business today on 0333 005 1403.

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