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Would you like to use an outsourced telemarketing business that can offer you a highly effective, flexible and measurable route into your target market in Hull?

Business to business telemarketing is the best channel for both the quantity and quality of lead generation. Telemarketing is used to approach a potential prospect directly and is the most effective method of marketing your products or services.

Business to business telemarketing requires a certain type of individual in order to carry out a campaign successfully. All of the employees at Amvoc are highly trained, well spoken, well-educated and possess the necessary flair to make your telemarketing campaign successful.


Eco Living Strategies is a seminar provider that holds regular seminars in relation to a number of sustainable living solutions from building materials to energy options. Holding over 130 seminars annually, Eco Living Strategies was looking for an external telemarketing company to take on some of their workload in terms of contacting past delegates to book them on to relevant conferences or seminars and also to contact past exhibitors to see if they have an interest in attending future seminars and exhibitions.

Are you interested in an effective method of cutting your costs by telemarketing your products or services in Hull? Would you like to find out if your customers are satisfied with the products or services that you supply by carrying out a successful customer satisfaction telemarketing campaign?

No matter what type of telemarketing project you would like Amvoc to handle on behalf of your business, our experienced team can develop a strategy that will work well for your particular business.


The initial brief for this campaign was to “tidy up” the database held by Eco Living Strategies. The aim of the telemarketing campaign was to compartmentalise the existing contacts held on the database into certain categories. Thanks to the state-of-the-art and highly flexible customer relationship management system used by the team at Amvoc, database cleansing is a straightforward and extremely efficient exercise. Given that Eco Living Strategies attracts a wide audience it was important they were sending the correct information about future events to the relevant parties - they did not want to bombard clients with irrelevant information for fear that they would continuously ignore all communications after being swamped.


Amvoc cleansed the entire database and was able to export the data after the initial campaign on behalf of Eco Living Strategies. The helpful customer service approach that the team took to contacting Eco Living Strategies’ existing clients proved to be extremely successful and we now hold their entire database which we use regularly in order to contact potential delegates and exhibitors for upcoming seminars, conferences and exhibitions. Every time Amvoc embarks upon another campaign on behalf of Eco Living Strategies, the campaign is generally change every two weeks depending on the type of upcoming event, we sit down with Eco Living Strategies and identify the best selection of data to target in order to achieve the maximum outcome.

If you would like to make the most of the reduced cost telemarketing trial in Hull being offered by the team at Amvoc at the moment, contact our new business director today on 0333 005 1403.

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