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Do you have a large and out of control database that needs telemarketing in order for your business in Hertfordshire to move forwards?

Amvoc was approached by a well-established and successful oil & gas supplies and services business, DTS Oil & Gas, who was looking for professional assistance in terms of marketing their business. Michael Ross, owner of DTS Oil & Gas, approached Amvoc for help with expanding his client base and cleansing the data he held on his existing clients.


DTS Oil & Gas had only recently been taken over by Michael prior to Amvoc’s involvement in the business. Michael had taken over DTS Oil & Gas from his father who had, according to Michael, a “prehistoric” method of keeping records. All of the record-keeping and order taking completed by DTS Oil & Gas prior to contacting Amvoc had been done in paper and pen - this is not unheard of and Amvoc have successfully helped a number of companies that have managed their business in this way prior to contacting us for help so we were more than able to provide Michael with the assistance he was looking for.

Michael did not have the time nor capacity to contact all of the existing clients that were in the book that had been kept by his father to check the service history of the equipment they were using for their home or business. Michael was interested in working on the two elements relating to his business – the supply of gas and oil to customers and the maintenance service available.

Have you got a similar business in need of the telemarketing skills possessed by the team at Amvoc and would you like our assistance with moving your business forwards in Hertfordshire?


Initially, Amvoc had to bring DTS Oil & Gas into the 21st century and input the data we were provided with by Michael into our customer relationship management system. Once the data had been loaded into our system, we contacted all of the past and present customers and behalf of DTS Oil & Gas to find out whether or not they were still using the supply or maintenance service provided by this business.


The data cleansing system was extremely successful and has since led to Amvoc taking control of the new business acquisition the side of DTS Oil & Gas. Once Amvoc had thoroughly made sure that all of the data we held on behalf of DTS Oil & Gas was correct, our telesales advisors focused on contacting agricultural and industrial businesses with a view to securing new customers both for the supply and maintenance sides of our clients business.

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