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Has your business got telemarketing needs that cannot be met in-house by your business in Gwent? Have you been searching for a unique and successful outsource telemarketing consultancy?


Beerline Express provides a unique beer line cleaning service that guarantees a significant reduction in operating costs, increases profits and improves the quality of beer together with beer line hygiene. Beerline Express offers a unique beer line cleaning system and has been established for over seven years. Not only does Beerline Express provide beer line cleaning products, they also provide a service to retailers whereby they visit the premises and undertake the line cleaning. Amvoc was easily able to identify that there are a number of benefits to using such a company and were extremely excited about the prospect of being able to help Beerline Express source new clients and contracts.

Beer lines need to be cleaned at least once a week depending on the usage otherwise the lines become dirty and will taint the beer and significantly reduce the quality of the beverage. There are a number of line cleaners available in the UK but none offer significant benefits like the service provided by Beerline Express.

Would you like to find out how Amvoc was able to help Beerline Express, using our telemarketing skills, expand their business further afield than Gwent?


Beerline Express, at the time of contacting Amvoc, employed 25 trained operatives responsible for undertaking line cleaning at various establishments in Gwent and the immediate surrounding area. Daryl Hoit, managing director of Beerline Express, was looking to expand his business throughout the UK starting with the surrounding areas before looking for business further afield. It was immediately obvious to the experts at Amvoc what type of business we needed to be targeting on behalf of Beerline Express so obtaining the data was a straightforward exercise. Having already worked on similar projects on behalf of a business providing services to breweries and public houses, we were able to grow our existing knowledge and expertise in this area and adapt our style of calling to suit the needs of Beerline Express.

The Result:

Daryl was kept up-to-date on a daily basis throughout the first month of the project we undertook on behalf of Beerline Express - every time we made an appointment on his behalf we confirmed it with him before sending a confirmation email to the potential client. The day before the meeting was due, Amvoc called the potential client on behalf of Beerline Express in order to confirm the appointment - once this had been done we emailed Daryl to qualify the meeting.

Amvoc has impressed Daryl and Beerline Express with our professionalism and efficiency and we are currently helping this business to expand throughout the UK by providing qualified and quality appointments for Daryl to attend.

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