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Would you like to carry out a trial telemarketing campaign to find out whether or not this type of marketing will benefit your business in Gloucester?

Amvoc can offer you a trail campaign that will provide you with an insight into whether or not telemarketing will benefit your business. Outsourcing a telemarketing campaign can reduce a business’s costs significantly if the business does not have an existing telesales team in place, or can increase a business’s income significantly by adding to their existing in-house telemarketing team in order to boost sales or generate new sales opportunities.

If you would like to outsource all or part of your telemarketing you can discuss the flexible duration and frequency options available by using the highly trained and sales driven team at Amvoc.


Architects are generally not sales people and detest the thought of spending hours cold-calling prospects and following up on potential leads – nor do they have the systems in place to manage and oversee such a campaign. These were the words of Keera May, one of the partners in a large architectural practice in Gloucester. Keera approached Amvoc because the architectural practice she worked for, Barton Francis Consultants, was struggling to find new work due to the decline in the building sector. Prior to the recession, building contracts and tenders were ten to a penny but, due to the cutbacks on major capital spend, a number of projects have been cancelled altogether.

Are you unsure about whether or not telemarketing will suit the needs of your business in Gloucester and would you like Amvoc to prove that telemarketing is the most effective method of communicating with key decision makers in your target industry?


Keera freely admitted that proactive telemarketing is best left to the experts and that designing and planning building projects should be left to the architects. It really does take a special type of person to pick up the phone all day long and show determination and resilience when prospecting new business opportunities. Keera was more than happy to leave the design and implementation of the project in the capable hands of the team at Amvoc.

Amvoc spent time talking to Keera in order to establish their target market. Amvoc had to establish whether she was interested in targeting specific industry sectors such as medical, sports or retail or whether they were interested in businesses with certain value projects. It would not make sense for Amvoc to search for prospects with retail projects worth, for example, £2 million if Barton Francis Consultants were used to handling much bigger projects in different industry sectors.


“When I was researching telemarketing agencies to take on our project I came across a very few that had experience in the architectural industry. Amvoc’s experience in this particular field made the lead generation process much more efficient and produced results extremely quickly. The campaign designed by Amvoc paid for itself by securing a huge new build design project from just one of the leads that the team generated. I would not hesitate to recommend Amvoc services to other architects looking for an extremely professional service.” Keera May, Partner, Barton Francis Consultants.

If you would like Amvoc to carry out a telemarketing trial on behalf of your business in Gloucester to show you how you could benefit significantly from using our services, contact our dynamic and innovative team today on 0333 005 1403.

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