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Would you like to find out how telemarketing could benefit your struggling business in East Sussex? Has your company come to a standstill and does it need and injection of life in order to move forward and grow successfully?


The White Wash Laundry Company, based in East Sussex, decided to contact Amvoc as they needed professional help to grow and expand their business. The White Wash Laundry Company had been making a steady turnover exceeding £300,000 every year but wanted to increase their profits by adding new clients to their books. The White Wash Laundry Company offers a number of functions that are highly efficient and was interested in targeting more companies within the pharmaceutical, electronics and food sectors. Not only does The White Wash Laundry Company provide a commercial cleaning service to businesses in the pharmaceutical, electronics and food sectors, the business also provides a complete garment supply and maintenance service in addition.

The White Wash Laundry Company was very specific about the type of client they wanted to attract and the size of contract they wanted out of a telemarketing campaign. The owners of The White Wash Laundry Company, Shaid and Jafar Nazir, were not interested in targeting small businesses or small contracts. Amvoc will always accommodate the requirements of our clients in order to produce the most desired outcome following a telemarketing campaign.

Would you like to hear more about how Amvoc was able to implement a successful telemarketing project on behalf of The White Wash Laundry Company in East Sussex and help the business to move forward?


Due to the type of business that we were working for, Amvoc had to make sure that the data we obtained on behalf of our client was suitable for the desired geographical location. The White Wash Laundry Company wanted to target companies within a 50 mile radius of the property where they carried out the commercial cleaning service. Amvoc had to ensure that we sourced data that complied with the requirements of our client which meant that the data had to be:

  • For businesses within the desired geographical location.
  • Only contained information for businesses with a turnover of over £1 million.
  • Related to the pharmaceutical, electrical or food sectors.

Amvoc had to research The White Wash Laundry Company to ensure that we were fully briefed with the unique selling points relating to this company and the benefits that this company had to offer to the businesses we were targeting.


Thanks to the success Amvoc has had with this particular project, The White Wash Laundry Company has become one of our most well-established and long-term clients.

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