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Have you considered using telemarketing to grow your business in Dyfed? Is your business in need of a boost? Are you struggling to find new business or make successful sales?

If so, you can leave the growth of your business safe in the hands of the professional marketers from Amvoc.


The Little Red Pen is a market leading academic proofreading company which, prior to contacting Amvoc, had a turnover of £150,000 per annum. Mary Philips, the owner of The Little Red Pen was looking for more work for her company and decided to contact Amvoc to see if we could be of assistance. The Little Red Pen is mainly operated over the Internet but was looking for more business opportunities and Mary had considered that telesales was the most cost-effective method of doing so.

Amvoc always welcomes new and exciting opportunities from businesses throughout the UK regardless of the industry sector they are involved in. No matter what type of business you run, or what type of telemarketing needs you have, Amvoc will be able to provide you with a successful and cost effective method of marketing your company. Our dynamic and driven team of telesales executives can make a success out of any project with any type of data because of the exceptional skills we have in this field.

Would you like to hear more about the way Amvoc used telemarketing to help this company in Dyfed grow successfully?


Mary did not have a specific geographical location in mind for Amvoc to target because the work completed by The Little Red Pen is submitted electronically so they are able to work anywhere in the UK. Effective marketing, especially in the proofreading industry, is a vital part of new client acquisition. It was imperative that Amvoc was able to obtain relevant data and behalf of The Little Red Pen in order for the business to get the maximum benefit from a telemarketing campaign – Amvoc was working on a very strict budget so we had to meet our clients objectives in the most cost effective manner.


Since Amvoc started telemarketing on behalf of The Little Red Pen we have grown its revenues by 60% in the last year and the business continues to show consistent strong growth. Amvoc is extremely confident that further expansion can be achieved especially as The Little Red Pen is planning to expand the range of services it provides to academic establishments. Considering that this business was initially started, five years ago, as a part-time source of extra income for one woman, it has grown to become a large and successful company which employs over 10 proof readers.

If you have telemarketing needs that you cannot meet in-house at your premises in Dyfed, contact Amvoc, the UKs leading outsource consultancy, on 0333 005 1403.

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