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Do you realize just how much an external telemarketing company could benefit your business in Dorset? Has your business been ticking over slowly and is it in need of a boost?


Amvoc has been working with a large car dealership in the UK for the last three years and we are now embarking upon a very exciting project which involves working on behalf of two other dealerships within the same company. Amvoc was contacted by this large car dealership on the off chance that we would be able to help them start a campaign almost immediately – we were more than happy to assist. Since this first phone call, Amvoc and this particular car dealership have developed an extremely strong long-term working relationship. Although in the majority of cases, Amvoc will spend a significant length of time getting to know our clients and becoming familiar with the products or services they have on offer, the urgency of the need for this campaign to be completed was expressed by our client from the initial meeting.

There were two elements to the project that the car dealership wanted us to complete. Firstly, Amvoc was required to contact past customers who had purchased a car from the dealership three years ago with a view to encouraging those clients to visit the showroom in order to upgrade their car. Secondly, Amvoc was required to promote the mechanical facilities at the showroom in order to book in past purchased cars for servicing or for an MOT.

Would you like to find out just how much our telemarketing services helped this business in Dorset?


Because the car dealership was able to provide Amvoc with a complete database of clients, Amvoc was able to start the campaign within the time limit required by our client. The urgency of this particular campaign was related to the fact that the new number plates for that year were due by the end of the month so the dealership wanted to catch prospective clients before their existing car turned three years old.


The effectiveness of this particular campaign could not be measured fully as it was difficult to gauge whether or not a client did actually turn up to the showroom (the dealership did not want our telesales executives to set up appointments in specific time-slots) to purchase a new vehicle although we have had no complaints from the dealership with regards to the sales they made following the campaign!

The evidence of our success with the second element of the campaign was, however, extremely clear as Amvoc was able to book in countless past customers for their cars at first MOT if they were not interested in purchasing a new vehicle.

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