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Would you like Amvoc to provide you with a telemarketing service that will boost the profits of your business in Derbyshire significantly? Do you have a business in Derbyshire that needs a helping hand from a telemarketing company with experience in developing new client acquisition and boosting turnover?


The new owner of a vehicle testing and diagnostics business, The Car Doctor, approached Amvoc for expert marketing and sales advice after purchasing this well established company. The Car Doctor was established in 1978 prior to Adam Hynds taking over in 2011. Adam purchased the business because he believed the business had scope for much further development outside the existing catchment area. The Car Doctor offers mobile tuning and diagnostic services to a wide range of clients but, primarily, the majority of the existing clients are commercial customers. The company, prior to contacting Amvoc, was turning over, on average, £120,000 per annum but Adam decided that the business had much greater potential to make more.

Mobile car diagnostic and tuning equipment is extremely expensive so the majority of garages that provide mechanical services do not invest in such equipment – they call on the services of the company like The Car Doctor. Adam was interested in establishing new relationships with commercial customers who were likely to need his services.

Would you like to find out how telemarketing helped this motor vehicle diagnostic company in Derbyshire expand their client base and boost their profits?


Adam wanted Amvoc to contact commercial garages and car dealerships within a 100 mile radius of his business address, initially, to test the success of the campaign. Adam provided us with a list of his existing clients to make sure that none of the data we provided conflicted with his existing client base – thanks to the state-of-the-art CRM system used by Amvoc we are able to eliminate any potential errors such as duplicating client accounts. Having already carried out a number of projects that necessitated telephoning garages and repair centres, Amvoc had the experience necessary to gather the information Adam was looking for prior to pitching the services offered by The Car Doctor. Adam asked the account manager running his campaign to initially find out whether they owned (or had access to) the type of equipment used by The Car Doctor or whether they already had a long-standing relationship with a diagnostic service provider.


The telesales executive responsible for the test campaign on behalf of The Car Doctor was set a realistic target of making five appointments per day for Adam to attend a meeting with a prospective car garage or dealership in order to provide a quote for using his services. Most days, the telesales executive charged with making The Car Doctor campaign a success was able to pass through at least six or seven qualified appointments. Thanks to our success, we now have a long-standing and successful relationship with Adam from The Car Doctor and we regularly carry out new business acquisition projects on his behalf as he expands his successful company. Adam now employs 10 full-time auto electricians and is looking to introduce another team member with assistance from the experts at Amvoc.

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