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Are you looking for a professional telemarketing consultancy to help you with your business development in Derby? Are you struggling to find qualified prospects to sell your products or services to and would you like to leave the successful development of your business safe in the hands of the experienced personnel at Amvoc?

Whatever your businesses telemarketing needs, Amvoc can provide you with a bespoke and tailor-made campaign that will offer you the maximum benefits of using our services. The duration and frequency of the telemarketing campaigns that Amvoc will carry out on your behalf will be entirely in your control giving you the most cost-effective option of marketing your products or services.

Business Development Case Study:

Derby Steels Limited is a specialist steel supplier that was established over 35 years ago. Derby Steels Limited stocks and supplies steel for use across many industries and also provides a steel fabrication service. Derby Steels Limited stocks and supplies a huge range of products including steel sections, sheet metal, steel bar, steel beams, steel square, flat steel, plain and check plates, universal beams, columns, hollow sections and equal/unequal angles. The quality of the products supplied and distributed by Derby Steels Limited has gained them a reputation as a renowned market leader in this industry. Unfortunately, the steel industry was hit by vastly inflating prices which meant that Derby Steels Limited noticed a serious decline in their sales. Derby Steels Limited was interested in carrying out a survey using their existing database in order to carry out an extensive analysis into the reason for their decreasing client base.

Do you need Amvoc to design a telemarketing a strategy that will help you to grow your business in Derby successfully? Are you looking to reduce your costs by outsourcing your telemarketing and would you like to find out how much you will save by using the services provided by the professional team at Amvoc?


When Amvoc is provided with a client’s existing database it is a simple case of importing the data into our customer relationship management system. There are multiple benefits to using a customer relationship management system including the removal of duplicate contacts and the ease of managing and overseeing a project. Our state-of-the-art customer relationship management system provides clients with a transparent insight into the campaign whilst it is live. The team at Amvoc has extensive experience in this particular type of industry sector thanks to the information we learn on a daily basis from our on-going campaign on behalf of a provider of conferences in relation to the metals industry.


Thanks to the existing knowledge of the team at Amvoc, we were able to impress Derby Steels Limited with our expertise in this industry area and they decided to use us as their outsource telemarketing provider. Amvoc efficiently and effectively designed and implemented a strategy that would provide Derby Steels Limited with a cost-effective insight into the reason for their declining sales. Amvoc is now communicating with Derby Steels Limited about the prospect of running a proactive lead generation campaign on their behalf.

If you would like to discuss your business’s telemarketing needs with a consultancy that will provide you with the highest quality service in Derby, contact Amvoc now on 0333 005 1403.

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