Do you have a business that would profit from the telemarketing expertise available from the account executives at Amvoc – do you want your business in Cumbria to be put on the map?


The Cumbria Local Directory, a privately owned business based in Kendall, approached Amvoc for assistance with their new business acquisition. The Cumbria Local Directory is an advertising magazine that is distributed nationwide in order to attract visitors to the area. Local businesses in Cumbria can advertise their services or products in the magazine which is then distributed in camping shops, hiking shops and similar businesses throughout the UK. The Cumbria Local Directory also includes articles and reviews of businesses in the local area as a way of enticing new visitors. The Cumbria Local Directory makes a profit from businesses paying to advertise in the monthly publications and from selling the publication at a low cost to travel enthusiasts.

John Simpson, editor of The Cumbria Local Directory was interested in approaching a number of new businesses in order for them to consider advertising in his magazine. Not only does a business’s advert appear in the advertising magazine, he also has a dedicated team of experts who will design an advert if the business does not already have one.

Do you think that telemarketing would help your business in Cumbria in a similar way?


Amvoc has a number of experienced telesales executives who have years of experience in the travel, tourism and leisure industries so we were easily able to produce a plan of action for John to approve before launching the trial. Initially, John requested that our specialist travel and tourism telemarketing executives carry out the trial for one week but we strongly advised him that a two-week trial was needed in order to accurately gauge whether or not the project would be successful in the long term. In order for a marketing project to succeed it is important that the account manager responsible for the campaign has the opportunity to build a pipeline and accrue a number of potential leads to follow up. Amvoc obtained data relating to businesses in Cumbria that were involved in the travel and leisure industry. To begin with we focused on contacting national parks, hotels, restaurants, outdoor adventure parks and businesses of a similar nature - with plenty of research we were able to identify the businesses close to popular walks and attractions in order to ensure we were targeting businesses that would get the best possible return on investment from advertising in The Cumbria Local Directory.


The response we received from the targeted businesses in Cumbria was particularly positive and we were able to generate a large amount of revenue during this initial telemarketing campaign. Amvoc is now responsible for contacting existing and new clients every month on behalf of The Cumbria Local Directory and we continue to have an excellent relationship with our client and with their clients who we deal with on a month-to-month basis.

If out would like to find out how Amvoc believes that telemarketing would benefit your business in Cumbria, contact John Clapham, our new business manager, on 0333 005 1403.

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