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Do you need help with telemarketing in Coventry? Have you introduced new and exciting products within your business and would you like to target your existing clientele directly, over the phone, in order to boost your sales? Do you need assistance with your telemarketing campaign from an outsourced telemarketing consultancy with direct experience within your industry?

Telemarketing is by far the most effective way of reaching your target audience directly. With a successful telemarketing campaign you will receive a direct yes or no answer from a decision maker as to whether or not your products or services are relevant to their needs. A decision maker may be considering using a particular product or service but may not take decisive action and seek a supplier until they receive a phone call from Amvoc that prompts them in to doing so. Using our telemarketing techniques, the team at Amvoc will be able to reach more decision makers on a daily basis through a telemarketing campaign than any other type of direct marketing.


Cleaning Utility Services Limited approached Amvoc to discuss using our telemarketing services in order for our team to generate new business opportunities on their behalf. Cleaning Utility Services Limited currently turns over in excess of £4 million per annum and offers cleaning and janitorial services to businesses throughout Coventry. Cleaning Utility Services Limited provides daily, weekly and monthly cleaning solutions and also supplies janitorial equipment. Upon contacting Amvoc, Cleaning Utility Services Limited had a varied and diverse client base but wanted to expand this without having to pay huge advertising costs.

Would you like to discuss how telemarketing could help you generate new sales amongst your existing clientele in Coventry? Have you got a database of existing clients that needs updating whilst the highly trained team at Amvoc cross sell your products or services?


Telemarketing is the most cost-effective approach to generating new business and Amvoc wanted to provide Cleaning Utility Services Limited with exceptional value for money by using our telemarketing services. Amvoc will always aim to achieve the best possible results on behalf of a client no matter how large the business is and regardless of how frequently they use our telemarketing services. Contract cleaning campaigns are something that Amvoc has dealt with under numerous occasions and we do have clients returning to us repeatedly when they are looking for new business opportunities. Amvoc was able to use the experience that the team had already gained in the field of contract cleaning lead generation in order to implement a strategy that would work for Cleaning Utility Services Limited in the Coventry area.


Amvoc took an extremely professional, reliable and dedicated approach to generating new business opportunities on behalf ofCleaning Utility Services Limited which resulted in an extremely successful campaign being completed.

If you would like Amvoc to design a bespoke telemarketing campaign on behalf of your business in Coventry, contact our highly trained and experienced team today on 0333 005 1403.

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