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Geoff and Amanda Edwards, co-owners of The Newquay Pie & Pastry Co., decided it was about time they expanded their business which had been growing steadily up until 2010. Since 2010, Amanda and Geoff had encountered a number of problems with customer retention due to the fact their clients were seeking out new, and cheaper, suppliers leaving The Newquay Pie & Pastry Co. without any way of generating new business.

In 2012, Amanda and Geoff turned to the business development experts from Amvoc for help with turning their failing business around. Amvoc do not just provide a telesales service – we also provide support and assistance to many struggling businesses looking for a helping hand. Since the spring of 2012, The Newquay Pie & Pastry Co. has become an incredibly valued Amvoc client and, thankfully, a profitable one!

Would out like to find out how Amvoc was able to use telemarketing to help this bakery and pastry manufacturer expand out of Newquay and into the rest of Cornwall?

Our Strategy:

Our client had very specific target areas in mind – due to the fact that The Newquay Pie & Pastry Co. only manufacture fresh produce, Geoff and Amanda wanted to keep the initial target area fairly local to Cornwall so as not to increase logistics costs too quickly – this is, however, a project for further down the line.

On a tight budget, Geoff and Amanda had to be realistic about their expansion so decided to initially target food retailers, such as café’s, butchers and newsagents, in their immediate surrounding area – expanding too quickly would have had a negative impact on their business at that point. Amvoc carefully selected data on behalf of The Newquay Pie & Pastry Co. solely based on appropriate food retailers in Cornwall. The aim was to promote the benefits of selling high quality products such as the ones produced by The Newquay Pie & Pastry Co. During the trial, in order to keep Geoff and Amanda’s costs to a minimum, Amvoc used one telesales executive to gather hot leads on behalf of The Newquay Pie & Pastry Co. It was then up to Geoff and Amanda to visit the potential client to provide samples of their product and proactively sell the benefits of stocking their produce.

The Outcome:

The outcome of this campaign on behalf of The Newquay Pie & Pastry Co. has been a resounding success and all at Amvoc are extremely proud to have played a part in getting this particular business back into the profits. Our work on behalf of The Newquay Pie & Pastry Co. is not yet over, one year on and we are slowly expanding our catchment area in order to supply businesses further afield.

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