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Farren Fishing Supplies is one of the newest clients to join Amvoc in 2013. After weighing up the cost of installing a state of the art telephone system, a customer relationship management system, a call recording system and employing experienced telesales representatives in-house, Mark Farren decided to contact Amvoc about outsourcing his pro-active marketing.

Farren Fishing Supplies, founded in 1970 by Mark’s father, had been making a steady profit up until his father’s retirement. When Mark took over the business in 2012, he wanted to move the company to a new level and become the UKs largest supplier of fishing equipment to retail outlets. In order to do this Mark Farren decided to call upon the expertise of the marketing and sales specialists at Amvoc.


The objective of this particular campaign was to generate more sales on behalf of Farren Fishing Supplies by proactively searching for new customers and selling the stock manufactured by this reputable family firm.

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After meeting with Mark Farren, the marketing experts from Amvoc were convinced we would be able to achieve his goal of boosting the businesses profits and client base. Mark was looking to build long term relationships with new clients for his business – he was interested in supplying large orders to bigger fishing and tackle outlets. In order to be sure that we were targeting the right size companies, Amvoc selected data for businesses with a turnover that exceeded £250,000.00 per annum.

We had initially pledged to make 150 calls per telesales executive per day, with a 30% decision maker hit rate, on behalf of Farren Fishing Supplies. During the course of the campaign, Amvoc quickly realised that the decision maker hit rate was much higher – sometimes up to 60%. Our initial goal was to send out sample products to the interested retailer, along with a brochure from the manufacturer, before following up with a phone call with the intention of taking an order.


Largely thanks to the fantastic sales techniques of the experienced telemarketers at Amvoc, we made a fantastic impression on Mark from Farren Fishing Supplies and he has now decided to use our services indefinitely. Amvoc currently has one telesales executive responsible for calling daily on behalf of Farren Fishing Supplies with a target of generating £5,000+ per week. Believe it or not this goal is easily achievable thanks to the groundwork we put in place finding and securing new retailers to sell Farren Fishing Supplies products from the outset.

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