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Do you own a business that would benefit from a professional telemarketing campaign in Cleveland?


With over 120 years combined marketing and sales experience, Amvoc can handle telesales campaigns from every industry sector. Amvoc works extremely hard on every telesales project we run because our clients are, ultimately, our source of income – it is in our best interests to work tirelessly on behalf of a client to maximise their investment in a telesales campaign.

Amvoc will generally arrange for a trial to be carried out prior to starting a full blow campaign in order to ascertain whether our relationship with a new client will be beneficial for both parties long term – in doing this we are protecting our clients investment. Prior to starting a huge campaign in the UK on behalf of The World Wide Card Company we carried out an extremely successful trial. The WWCC designs and manufactures greeting cards and supplies them directly to retailers.

The World Wide Card Company did not have the facilities or the expertise in-house to generate a sufficient number of sales so Anthony Horowitz decided to approach the professional sales team at Amvoc. Anthony was very clear about the service he required so it was a simple case of testing our abilities in this field.

Would you like to speak to one of the experienced business development experts from Amvoc about running a telemarketing campaign for your business in Cleveland similar to the one we are still running for The World Wide Card Company (WWCC)?


Due to the fact that our client had approached us with a very clear idea of the type of campaign he was looking for, it was a simple case of downloading the appropriate data and starting the project right away. Immediately prior to starting the project, the three members of staff responsible for running the trial arranged to visit Anthony at The World Wide Card Company Headquarters to see exactly what the business was all about. Every company has its own set of USPs (Unique Selling Points) and it is Amvoc’s responsibility to identify these and promote them in every telemarketing campaign. The quality of the product and the huge range variety and choice available has given our pro-active sales team a lot to work with. Initially Amvoc was generating interest amongst new and potential clients by arranging to send them a sample selection of the products available – which we still do when we are not following the hot leads we built up during our initial campaign. Following this, Amvoc is responsible for chasing up the lead and actively selling batches of cards for retail.


Thanks to the quality of the data we were able to access at the outcomse of the project, Amvoc have achieved great success so far on this particular account. Amvoc now has 5 full time account managers working on behalf of the World Wide Card Company in the UK generating new business from outlets ranging from newsagents to international supermarkets to market traders.

If you would like to discuss the potential benefits of using telemarketing in Cleveland, contact the business growth specialists from Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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