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Have you considered using an outsourced telemarketing consultancy in Cardiff in order to reduce your costs and increase the productivity of your business?

If you outsource all part of your telemarketing you can reduce your costs significantly by turning a fixed overhead into a variable overhead which is entirely within your control. Employing full-time telemarketers within a business is a fixed overhead that needs maintaining in terms of recruiting and training members of staff – with Amvoc you have access to an entire team that will be at your disposal so you can choose the duration and frequency of your marketing campaigns.


DMB Media is one of the fastest growing media companies in the UK and is one of Europe’s leading providers of audio branding services. Prior to contacting Amvoc, DMB Media already had an impressive client portfolio but wanted to add to this by using an outsource telemarketing team. DMB Media emphasised the fact that the telesales executives responsible for running the account would play a pivotal role in how they engage with their clients so they wanted professional personnel who were able to add a unique flair to their campaign.

Would you like to discuss outsourcing all or part of your telemarketing to Amvoc so that we can assist you with generating new business in Cardiff?

Amvoc can take complete control of your telemarketing campaign in order to release some of the pressure on your business or we can do the same with part of your telemarketing campaign if you do not have the resources in-house to achieve the best results.


The objective of the campaign on behalf ofDMB Media was to contact prospective clients by phone in order to concept to sell the unique benefits of audio branding. Amvoc was expected to identify potential clients that had a requirement for the services provided byDMB Media. Each of the telemarketers responsible for carrying out the campaign on behalf of DMB Media was targeted with achieving two sales meetings per day with the correct decision maker, for example, the managing director or business owner. Amvoc had to ensure that the data we selected on behalf of DMB Media gave our team at the best possible chance of securing at least two meetings per day. The sales driven telemarketers at Amvoc will always aim to exceed the target set by our client but, in order to do so, we have to be calling data that is of a high quality and also relevant in terms of our clients target audience.


Because of the in-depth knowledge we gained in relation to DMB Media and the services they provide, Amvoc was able to project the fantastic services offered by our client over the phone. Amvoc engaged with potential clients in order to make the services provided by DMB Media as exciting, dynamic and innovative as possible. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge our telemarketers gained about DMB Media and our careful selection of the data to cold-call, it was extremely rare that our team did not exceed their targets on this particular campaign.

If you are looking for an outsource telemarketing consultancy in Cardiff, contact the dynamic and innovative team from Amvoc today on 0333 005 1403.

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