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Amvoc was contacted through our website by a furniture hire company in Cambridgeshire that was looking to boost their profits. Vania Resitrich, owner of Prestige Homeware, decided to use an external marketing company to increase the turnover of her company. Prestige Homeware, upon contacting Amvoc, was turning over £170,000.00 per year – Vania was interested in increasing this but had no idea how to go about doing so.

Prestige Homeware is now a thriving and profitable business but, over a year ago, Vania was struggling to boost her turnover. Prestige Homeware offers a variety of clients the option of renting furniture for a multitude of occasions. Vania had a range of existing clients from private individuals to large companies, each of whom had their own specific furniture requirements. Some of her larger clients, from whom she made the most profit, are building development companies. The large companies rent furniture from Prestige Homeware for their show homes on their new-build sites – it was this area Vania was hoping to expand.

Are you interested to hear about the proposal that the telemarketing experts from Amvoc were able to offer to Magda in terms of generating new business in Cambridgeshire?

The Strategy:

Amvoc put in place a strategic plan and presented our ideas to Vania and her business partner, Dave Berryman, in our second meeting. The business development team decided, initially, to focus on new client acquisition in the local geographic area before methodically expanding our sales campaign nationwide.

The new business team at Amvoc arranged the procurement of the relevant data on behalf of Prestige Homeware and proceeded to make enquiries on their behalf. The telemarketers working on the Prestige Homeware project were targeted with two new business meetings per person per day. Throughout the trial period our target was to arrange 40 qualified appointments for Vania and Dave to attend with the businesses they were interested in supply furniture to.

The Results:

The highly trained personnel working on this account arranged a total of 52 meetings with large and reputable housing development companies and property development businesses throughout the two week trial. Amvoc was surprised to find that a number of these businesses had never even considered using such a service and found that we generated a large amount of interest during our initial campaign – we have now built up a strong pipeline of potential customers as well as helping Prestige Homeware to add new clients to their existing client base. Thanks to our state of the art Customer Relationship Management System we are able to contact warm leads as and when they may require the services provided by Prestige Homeware if, in our initial conversation, they did not have a need for the service at the time.

Amvoc has had a longstanding relationship with Prestige Homeware for over nine months and we are extremely proud of the results we have achieved on behalf of the business so far. We are now an integrated part of our client’s extremely successful and profitable business.

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